Kika-Rose Ridley – Bio, Facts You Must Know About Daisy Ridley’s Sister

Kika-Rose Ridley is a stunning English model who rose to the spotlight after her sister, Daisy Ridley starred in the Star Wars movie. Their striking resemblance was one of the catchy facts that awakened the media attention. Although Kika-Rose has been doing well for herself as a model, her sister’s fame has adequately rubbed off on her. Read on, to find out everything you need to know about Kika-Rose Ridley including her bio, career, and other interesting facts below.

Kika-Rose Ridley – Bio

Kika-Rose Ridley was born on the 14th of August 1989 in Westminster, England. She is a Caucasian and holds a British nationality. Ridley is the youngest of the three children born to Christopher Ridley, a former photographer, and Louise Fawkner-Corbett, a former publicist who worked at Barclays Banks. She grew up in Westminster along with her two older sisters, Sophia and Daisy. While Daisy has established herself as a well-known actress in Hollywood, her other sister Poppy Sophia is one who has no flair for the cameras. In addition, Kika-Rose Ridley also has two half-sisters from her father’s first marriage.

As the child of a photographer, Kika-Rose loved the cameras and always posed at impulse. She gradually began to take interest in modeling and by the time she was a teenager, she had already appeared on a few magazines and commercials. Meanwhile, she received training on how to be a model while going to a regular school. She signed her first modeling contract with Model 1 when she was just 14.

Daisy Ridley’s lookalike, Kika-Rose Ridley, has been active in the modeling industry for over a decade and counting and has appeared on the cover of several fashion magazines. In addition to her modeling gigs, she has held several positions including casting assistant and production assistant at the British modeling agency, Model 1. Amazingly, her excellent performances have really paid off and have equally fetched her lucrative endorsement deals.

Kika-Rose Ridley later moved to Barcelona City of Spain where she continued with her modeling stints. Since 2018, she has been working as a production assistant at The Dots. In addition, Kika has worked with prominent personalities including Victoria Beckham, the wife of the former England football star David Beckham, among others.

Facts You Must Know About Daisy Ridley’s Sister

1. Kika-Rose Ridley’s Net Worth

Kika-Rose Ridley, though a public figure has tried everything within her capacity to keep her net worth away from the media. However, for someone who is recognized as an international model and has worked with one of the top modeling outfits in the UK, Kika’s net worth is said to be running in millions. Nevertheless, it is still under review. That said, her sister, actress Daisy Ridley sits on a net worth of $6 million.

2. She Has a Special Bond with Her Sister, Daisy Ridley

Kika-Rose Ridley
Kika-Rose and DaisyRidley

Well, the Ridley girls are said to share an amazing bond, however, the love bond between Daisy and Kika-Rose Ridley is not quite hidden. In addition to being each other’s lookalike, they are often seen together gracing lots of red carpets events. Apparently, one would barely see a picture of Daisy without Kika-Rose.

3. Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Unlike her sister whose relationship with Tom Bateman is highly publicized, Kika-Rose Ridley has kept the details of her love life under lock and key. Regardless of that, we are certain that she is yet to be married but we wouldn’t be sure that she is not romantically involved with anyone yet. Perhaps, she is probably taking her time to build her career and is not yet ready for the media meddling with her love life.

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4. Is She Gay?

Having hidden her sexual status, there have been speculations insinuating that the model is a lesbian. The fact that it is quite difficult to see a lady running into her thirties without a man or woman by her side has also fueled these speculations. Notwithstanding, until Kika-Rose Ridley denies these claims, we would rather sit on the fence.

5. Kika-Rose Ridley’s Body Measurements

For anyone who plays as a model, beauty is one attribute that is often times inevitable. On the quiet side, Kika-Rose Ridley exudes charisma and has an incredibly stunning look. She is best described as a statuesque, elegant beauty queen. With a height of 5 feet 7 inches, she has graced lots of commercials and magazine pages. Sadly, the remaining details of her body measurements are currently not available.

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