A Detailed Look At Logic’s Parents, Wife & His Net Worth

Logic is a successful American rapper famed for his incredible performances and stage presence. He launched his professional career in 2009 with the hit “Logic: The Mixtape.” Since then, the Gaithersburg, Maryland native has grown to become one of the music industry’s elites. Logic has released more than four studio albums of exceptional contents, embarked on mind-blowing musical tours, and also won some awards for his works.

In addition to rapping, this amazing talent is a respected record producer, songwriter, author, and singer. Logic’s real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II while his other nicknames are Young Sinatra, Bobby Tarantino, and Psychological. He is a member of the Rattpack gang and has also worked with Def Jam Recordings. Logic’s music provides his fans with relatable stories, unique rhythm, exceptional flow, as well as hints about his biracial background.

Logic Is The Son Of Mixed Racial Parents

Sir Robert Bryson Hall was born to a White (Caucasian) mother and an African-American father from Maryland. The couple gave birth to him in Rockville, Maryland, on the 22nd day of January 1990. The names of his parents are Robert Bryson Hall and Mary Bryson Hall. His dad was never involved in Logic’s life as a young boy but was much committed to other personal interests that ended up separating him from his family. Further information about his parents’ background is not available at the moment as the rapper is yet to reveal them.

Logic (center), his dad (left), and brother (right): Image Source

Growing up, his biracial background influenced his lifestyle in diverse ways. He was determined to become great in life and also be a source of blessing to his family. The rapper was raised alongside his sister and half-brothers in Maryland, where he also attended Gaithersburg High School for his high school education.

He Had An Unpleasant Childhood Due To His Parents’ Horrible Behavior

Logic was raised by a mother who was addicted to alcohol and drugs. His father was also addicted to cocaine and even picked up crack cocaine from his sons. The rapper’s brothers are said to have produced and distributed cocaine to addicts in their area at the time Robert was still a young boy.

To a large extent, the rapper’s parents’ addiction to drugs and cocaine impacted his life so much that he had to express his feelings about his past experiences through his songs. Although he has not mentioned it, his parents seem to have long amended their ways.

His Mother’s Decision To Homeschool Him Played A Role In His Journey To Fame

It would be impossible to recount Logic’s musical journey without mentioning the fact that he fell in love with music after learning about Frank Sinatra, one of the most influential singers that ever lived. He picked a keen interest in Sinatra after his mother withdrew him from school to homeschool him. The rapper’s mom took the move after administrators at her son’s school placed him in a special class for students who had behavioral problems. The administrators had met the rapper’s mother and assumed that the rapper might be troublesome like his mother.

Logic was later withdrawn from school in his fifth grade, which offered him the opportunity to explore the musical world and eventually fell in love with Sintra, his greatest musical influence. The rapper was, however, forced back to school for his eighth grade after the attention of social services was brought to his case. Logic was later expelled from school for skipping classes and performing poorly in class.

The Maryland native once stated that he had a horrible childhood and that his mother was a racist. He added that she called him crude names and even tried to choke him to death as a kid. According to him, there were constant screaming and arguments in their home, mostly between his mother and men.

He Has Since Reconciled With His Father

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II may have had a rough relationship with his father in the past, the story is entirely different as the two have since reconnected and are on speaking terms now. Logic’s father is a retired musician who reportedly featured with the likes of Charles Louis Brown, popularly known as Chuck Brown.

Not much is known about what his dad has been up to lately. However, it is believed that he’s living a quiet life somewhere in the States, having retired from the music industry.

What We Know About Logic’s Love Life

Unknown to many of his fans, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II is a married man. The rapper decided to settle down and raise his own family some years ago after a couple of relationships. Hall previously dated a girl for five years before he got married for the first time. However, he had to terminate his relationship with his girlfriend to give his music career the needed attention. Today, the “44 More” crooner has an adorable family, even though he hardly talks about them in public. He seems to have learned the scope of how to maintain a good family relationship.

Did You Know The Rapper Has Tied The Knot Twice?

Yes! It’s no news that Bryson Hall has exchanged marital vows twice in his entire life. His first marriage was with his then-girlfriend Jessica Andrea while his second attempt at marriage was with Brittney Noell. Before settling down with Noell, Logic dated Jessica for two years and later married her in 2015. However, their union crashed in 2018 following a series of irreconcilable differences. According to the rapper, their divorce was mutual, and they have remained good friends since then.

Logic and his ex-wife, Jessica Andrea: Image Source

The following year 2019, the rapper got married to his second wife Brittney. The Maryland native, however, did not reveal when and where exactly their marriage took place. Brittney and Logic have known each other for years, so it comes as no surprise that they have been living happily in their matrimonial home.

His Wife Brittney Noell is a Designer and Model

Logic’s wife, Brittney Noell, is a model and designer. She was born in the United States of America but detailed information about her birth, as well as her background and more, are not known to the public. She is also popular across several social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram. Noell also markets her products on Instagram via her business handle.


The Couple Has a Son

It was in 2019 that the rapper disclosed that he and Brittney are expecting a son. However, Logic later confirmed the arrival of their son. Nonetheless, the rapper has not given any insight on the name of their son and when exactly he was born. His fans are eagerly awaiting the latest update the rapper would make regarding his wife and son.

Logic and Brittney Noell: Image source

Meanwhile, this would be the first time the rapper has fathered a child. His previous marital relationship with Jessica didn’t produce any offspring. He has further given a hint regarding his son in his recent freestyle raps, where he calls him Bobby. However, his real name is yet to be confirmed.

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Logic Has Made Fortune Through His Music Career

Logic does not only make moves in his personal life but also in his career. He stands out as one of the music industry’s talented artists who started with nothing. Ever since he stormed the music industry, he has continued to make a consistent claim to mainstream fame. He has recorded about six internationally recognized awards nominations, out of which he has won 3, including Best Fight Against the System Award by MTV Video Music Awards for his work, Black Spider-Man.

The much-loved American rapper currently has a net worth of $14 million, which proves his works are well appreciated judging by when he started making music. Although Bryson Hall II  is also into writing and music production, he made a bigger part of wealth through his songs. Some of his songs are relatable and have dominated the charts on several occasions. One of Logic’s mixtapes made it to the number one spot on the Billboard charts while over 10 of his songs have streamed on the Hot 100 Chart in one week. He currently has about 5 studio albums, as well as a huge fan base spread across the world.

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