Lori Maddox Biography – Inside Her Ordeal With David Bowie And Jimmy Page

Groupies were a huge part of rock and roll culture. The term refers to young women who follow celebrities around with hopes of having a sexual relationship with them. Lori Maddox would certainly fit into that description with her obvious lifestyle of sex and drug addiction, matched with a potent obsession with celebrity rock and rollers. There was one issue that made it impossible for people to just sweep her decision to be a groupie under the rug as her personal choice – she was only 14 years old at the time.

Despite the fact that she was incredibly young for the lifestyle, the rock and rollers that ruled 1970s Las Vegas seemed just as obsessed with Lori Maddox. She embraced the lifestyle of leaving home and living on buses following these stars around and partaking in their lavish lifestyles so well that she became almost as famous as the stars.

Who Is Lori Maddox

Lori Maddox was a young lady just clear of junior high school when she met Sable Starr who was then considered the queen of the groupie scene. Starr was also an underage groupie and she pulled Lori Maddox into the world that she had made her own, one that included after-hour parties on the Sunset Strip. It was in that way that Lori Maddox began her life as a groupie. She would attend school like any other regular teenager on weekdays and hang out with her sisters afterwards, while they still lived at home with their mother. On weekends, however, she would sneak out and go to clubs while her mother was working.

What Happened Between Her And David Bowie

She was a regular at seedy nightclubs patronized by many older men and it was in one of these nightclubs that she met David Bowie when she was only 15 years old. The name of the particular club where she ran into Bowie who had been eleven years older was E-Club, notorious for turning a blind eye to the use of hard substances by underage girls. At first, she wasn’t comfortable around Bowie but five months down the line, she lost her virginity to him.

Relationship With Jimmy Page

After David Bowie, she would get a call from Jimmy Page who was the founder and a guitarist for Led Zeppelin which had been the biggest rock band in the world so Jimmy Page was groupie gold. The rock star sent a limousine to collect her after inviting her to his hotel. Page was double the age of Lori Maddox, still, she accepted his invitation and even went on to fall in love.

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They had a secretive and whirlwind relationship that was constantly being dragged into negative light due to her age. The fact that she was underage also made it impossible to travel with the band so Lori Maddox would restrict herself to Jimmy Page’s room, waiting for him to return to her. This impacted on her life outside being a groupie and school and her regular age-appropriate socialization suffered.

Jimmy Page eventually left Lori Maddox. She returned from a show one night and found him in bed with Bebe Buell. The discovery of the rockstar she was in love with moving on to another woman would change Lori’s entire attitude. She focused on fun as the end point of her life as a groupie and never sought for love with the rock and rollers ever again.

Lori Maddox
Lori Maddox and Jimmy Page (image source)

With her new focus of having fun, Lori Maddox would do drugs with Iggy Pop then go on and have sex with Mick Jagger in a bathroom, take shots with John Bonham and even be in the middle of a fight between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. She had lost all previous restraint and the wild-eyed innocence with which she came into the scene. Despite the many negative views that have been shared about Lori Maddox’s lifestyle, she has said that she holds no regrets and considers those years some of her best.

Lori Maddox and Sable Starr have had their sexcapades with the rock and roll legends of the 1970s documented in photographs that are a standard of rock and roll history. In Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous released in 2000, they were both immortalized and although Sable Starr died of brain cancer when she was 51 years old, Lori Maddox is still alive and well and was last known to be working in fashion while revisiting her memories of their groupie days.


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