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Maggie Q is a popular American TV and Movie Actress. She has starred in movies such as Mission: Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard and Divergent. She is famous for her role as Nikita Mears, the badass, rogue and black ops agent in the CW action series, Nikita. Maggie is also passionate about animal rights and is a vegetarian. Find out more details about her here including her height, ethnicity, husband, parents etc.

Bio, Age, and Ethnicity of Maggie Q

Margaret Denise Quigley who is popularly known as Maggie Q was born on the 22nd of March 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Maggie has a mixed ethnicity comprising of Vietnamese, Irish and Polish ancestry. The young girl grew up in Hawaii and was the youngest of five siblings. She had her education at various schools in Hawaii before graduating from Mililani High School in 1997. As a high schooler, she excelled in her academic work as well as in athletics (track, cross country, and swimming) for which reason she earned an athletic scholarship to attend a private college. Maggie hoped to study veterinary medicine in college but could not proceed due to the paucity of funds. She, therefore, decided to pursue other avenues to save up for college.

Maggie Q ventured into modeling without much success. this may have been due to her Asian looks. She then decided to relocate to Tokyo, Japan to see if she could make a headway. On her arrival in 1997, she still found it difficult landing runway gigs due to the fact that she was short. Subsequently, she moved to Taiwan and later on Hong Kong where her luck found her. In Hong Kong, she got work in commercials as well as photoshoot and changed her surname to Q so that her Chinese audience could easily pronounce it.

The model finally got a well-deserved breakthrough when she was selected by a company founded by Jackie Chan for the purpose of grooming future action stars. She underwent months of training and started landing movie roles. Her first onscreen work was in 1998 in the popular Asian drama, House of the Dragon. She went on to feature in other projects such as Model from Hell, Gen-Y Cops, Naked Weapon and House of Harmony. Hollywood finally took notice of Maggie Q’s increasing fame in Asia and came calling. She co-starred alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III in 2006.

Since then, she has gone on to appear in several critically acclaimed Hollywood television series and movies. Some of them include Live Free or Die Hard, Nikita, Divergent, Stalker etc. Q’s latest project is the 2016 ABC/Netflix series, Designated Survivor, where she plays the role of an FBI Agent Hannah Wells. Other stars of the series include 24 actor, Keifer Sutherland (as Thomas Adam “Tom” Kirkman), Natascha McElhone (as Thomas Adam “Tom” Kirkman), Adan Canto (Alexandra “Alex” Kirkman) and others.

Family: Parents, Maggie’s Husband (Married)

Her dad is part-Irish and part-Polish while her mom is from Vietnam. Her parents actually met during the Vietnam War when her father was stationed there. They fell in love and subsequently got married and had Maggie Q and her two elder siblings. Before Quigley’s mom married her dad, however, she was previously married to another man with whom she had two children. Thus, Maggie is the youngest of all five children her mother bore.

Maggie Q
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The Nikita star is not married but is in a relationship with fellow actor, Dylan McDermott. McDermott is an award-winning actor and is known for movies and TV shows such as Steel Magnolias, American Horror Story and The Practice.

Maggie and McDermott met on the set of the short-lived TV series, Stalker in 2014. It was love at first sight for McDermott and they thereafter began a relationship. They dated for four months before getting engaged in January 2015. When they do tie the knot, it will be the first time that Maggie Q is getting hitched. On the other hand, McDermott has been previously married and has two daughters.

Body Stats, Height and Weight

One of Maggie Q’s trademark is her slim body. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 112½lbs or 51kg. She has a bust that measures, 33 inches or 84cm, hips of 23 inches or 58cm and a waist of 34 inches or 86cm.

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The former model and now actress became a vegetarian in 1998 following a chance meeting with a PETA rep. In 2010, she effectively began eliminating all animal products from her diet. She credits her vegan diet with keeping her in shape for the action roles that she normally plays. In 2017, PETA named her one of its sexiest vegans.

Maggie Q’s Net Worth

Maggie Q has a net worth of $9 million which is not bad for a lady who landed in Tokyo with only 20 bucks in her pocket.


As earlier mentioned, she is a big time animal lover and animal rights advocate. She works with organizations such as PETA and has featured in their Ads urging people to stop eating meat as well as other practices harmful to animals. She also uses her social media accounts to promote animal rights.

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