Where Is Manuela Escobar, Daughter of Pablo Escobar & What Is Her Net Worth Now?

Manuela Escobar is the daughter of the infamous Colombian drug baron, Pablo Escobar. At the peak of his career, the man dubbed the “King of Coke” supplied as much as four-fifths of all the cocaine smuggled into the United States. In the year 1989, Forbes rated Escobar as the 7th richest man in the world, with a fortune estimated at $25 billion. So stupendous was his wealth that he once offered to pay off the Colombian national debt in 1984 in return for amnesty. Pablo Escobar eventually met his waterloo in 1993 when he was shot dead by the Colombian national police.

However, while he was alive, Manuela Escobar was the apple of her father’s eyes. He once torched $2 million just to provide heat for her on a cold night. Although she was still a child when Pablo was killed, reports have it that Manuela has always been haunted by her father’s crimes, which resulted in her being suicidal during her teenage years.

Manuela Escobar Became A Shadow Of Herself After Her Father’s Demise

Manuela Escobar, who was born on the 25th of May 1984, happens to be the second child and only daughter of Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao. She has an older brother named Juan Pablo. During her early years, Manuela was quite the daddy’s girl, and even though Pablo was a terror, masterminding the assassination of anybody who dared to stand in his way, he was quite a consummate and loving family man. He moved the earth to give his family anything they wanted, and having a soft spot for his daughter, the drug lord went to great lengths to show his love for her.

Pablo once got Manuela a constructed pony (which he made by attaching horns and wings to a horse) for her birthday. Although that was a nice gesture by the doting father, the horse turned pony did not live long after the artificial attachments were made to it as the animal reportedly died from infections. It was also gathered that Escobar once burnt $2 million worth of cash just to keep his daughter warm on a cold night in the mountains where he was in hiding with his family. More so, talks of him forcing one of his lovers to abort his child made rounds during his lifetime. The reason given was that Pablo had promised Manuela that she will be his last offspring and intended to keep his word.

Sadly, things took a drastic turn in the young Manuela’s life upon her father’s assassination. She turned into a virtual recluse who avoided all forms of publicity. Manuela lived in perpetual fear that her father’s victims would vent their anger on her if they know her whereabouts. This was pretty tough for a child to bear, and it resulted in her suffering from bouts of depression for many years as a teenager. Her mother, as well as her brother, attested to the fact that Manuela withdrew from any form of social interaction.

Manuela, Her Brother, Juan Pablo, and Their Mother Fled From Colombia After Escobar’s Death

Following the death of the drug Lord in 1993, things fell apart, not only for his cartel but for his immediate family too who other mafia gangs wanted to assassinate. In a bid to find a safe place to stay with her kids, Maria Victoria Henao sort asylum in several countries, but her family was denied refuge by most of these countries. They eventually landed in Mozambique, where they spent two weeks before moving on to Brazil, and then Argentina under new identities. Manuela became Juana Manuela Santos Marroquín, and her brother Juan Pablo took up the name Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos. Their mother changed her name from Maria Victoria Henao to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero.

While in Argentina, the family resumed a normal middle-class life. Rather than being homeschooled as was the case before, Manuela and her brother attended school just like other youngsters. Their mother, using her new identity, went into the property business and became quite prosperous. However, a turn of events resulted in one of Maria’s business partners to know her real identity as the widow of the deceased Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Consequently, Maria fled with a huge amount of money from their business, which set the authorities on her trail. They eventually caught up with her, and she spent about a year and 6 months in incarceration while her finances were being probed. However, she was exonerated of any unlawful dealings since her money was not associated with any criminal activities. This ordeal made Manuela Escobar retreat from the scanty social life she had back into her shell. She stopped her public schooling, and instead, continued receiving her education privately in the comfort of their home in Argentina.

How Rich Is Pablo Escobar’s Daughter?

Being the daughter of the man who was considered the richest drug dealer in the world earned Manuela Escobar a fairytale life as a princess during her formative years. However, upon his death, her late billionaire daddy’s assets were confiscated by the Colombian government, as well as the American governments while other properties were taken over by rival drug cartels. This eventually left Manuela with no known inheritance whether in money stashed up in the bank or properties. She has also made it difficult to probe into her career pursuits since she has avoided being in the public domain over the years. As of now, it remains unknown what Manuela makes as income nor how much money she has to her name.

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Manuela Escobar’s Whereabouts Remain Elusive To The Public After All These Decades

Little is known about Manuela Escobar’s current endeavors nor her whereabouts, but that cannot be said about her other immediate family members as her mother and brother have maintained some sort of public profile, airing documentaries, authoring books, and giving interviews. Maria Victoria Henao is the author of ‘Mrs. Escobar: My Life With Pablo’ while her son, Juan had penned down ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father.’

Mauela Escobor
Manuela Escobar’s brother promoting his book: Image Source

Beyond being an author, Manuela’s brother is also a skilled architect and has toured Latin American countries, speaking out against gun violence and pushing for drug reforms. While her whereabouts remain unknown, it is imperative to note that she had lived with her family during the time she suffered severe depression. However, it was rumored that she relocated to North Carolina in the United States, but the news is yet to be confirmed.

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