Understanding the Events That Made Martina Markota Famous and Fun Facts About Her Personal Life

Before the 2016 presidential election in the United States, Martina Markota was famed as a successful entrepreneur in the arts. Thereafter, the beautiful and talented NYU graduate, who is better known to the public as Lady Alchemy, was allegedly driven out of the entertainment industry by ‘extremists’ for her conservative views and for also supporting Donald Trump who emerged as the winner of the elections. Since then, Markota has reportedly been targeted and bullied through politically motivated boycotts and financial isolation.

Though the consequences were rather harsh on her, the performance artist and writer turned conservative commentator and media personality has continued fighting hard to ensure that conservative views are not shut out, especially in the arts.

Martina Markota Gained Popularity Under The Moniker Lady Alchemy

According to her LinkedIn profile, Markota attended New York University (NYU), finishing in 2006 with a degree in Mathematics. Despite the fact that she majored in the physical sciences, she decided to use her logical ideologies to pursue other artistic interests since she always had a flair for the performing arts.

As a result of this, Martina took the decision to start performing as a burlesque dancer under the stage name Lady Alchemy. Drawing inspiration from renaissance artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist creatively infused alchemy (which is akin to magic) into her art, and blew minds away.


Martina Markota’s growth was a gradual but rewarding one as she soon carved a niche for herself and became a household name. A unique contemporary artist, the dancer became known for her originality, fearless experimentations, and expressions. She remained relatively popular and successful for no less than a decade.

Her Deep Knowledge of Alchemy Distinguished Her From Her Contemporaries

People who know Martina Markota and those that are privileged to have watched her perform will agree that the artist always had a certain edge over her contemporaries. The performance artist’s secret is that she has always been obsessed with alchemy which led her to dig deeper. Besides, discovering the work of some artists of the renaissance era gave her the needed momentum to excel in the face of stiff competition.

Merging her performance and alchemy into one, Markota was able to create her own artistic image which is said to be in close resemblance to the glamorous stars of the past. This way, it was easy for the artist to be in the lead while her contemporaries followed. Not having fear to experiment earned her respect across all boards.

How Martina Markota’s Conservative Views Brought Her Unneeded Attention

While still working as a burlesque dancer, Martina Markota decided to go vocal with her conservative views as she also declared her unwavering support for Donald Trump during and after the 2016 election. That personal decision, however, marked the beginning of Lady Alchemy’s career woes. Her work in the industry for a decade came to an unfortunate end when her colleagues leveraged her endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate as a justification to persecute and bully her out.

Markota faced untold challenges as many of her colleagues refused to perform with her at events. Consequently, Lady Alchemy was forced to quit her prolific career as a performance artist. The persecution, however, didn’t just end with her as it also affected her fiancé, Jack Buckby, who was equally targeted and harassed.

An expose was later written about Markota by the New York Antifa, tagging her Fascist and Neo-Nazi. This began a snowball effect that led to her losing her job which has made it impossible for her to book performances. On the 8th of February, Markota and her partner received a call from the FBI who said that they got a tip-off that Jack was planning a terrorist attack in the US. This meant that he did not have access to the Visa Waiver Program. From what is perceivable, the Coronavirus pandemic has further put a wedge between the duo since Jack cannot visit his lady love in the US. However, he has made applications for a spousal visa that is still ongoing.


Her Account With Chase Bank Was Equally Affected

Following her political stance, Martina Markota joined the list of conservative media figures who were prejudiced against. Her bank account that was connected with her IndieGoGo campaign for the Lady Alchemy graphic novel which raised over $34,000 was shut down by Chase Bank. When she tried to find out reasons for their action, Chase Bank, which has been said to support only liberal causes, refused to give the conservative commentator an explanation.

Besides Markota, some other public figures who have had their bank accounts shut down with Chase Bank without an explanation include Enrique Tarrio, the chairmen of the Proud Boys fraternal organization as well as Joe Biggs, an Iraq War veteran and pro-Trump supporter.

Markota Has Since Moved Into an Entirely Different Field

You wouldn’t be far from the truth to surmise that all the extremists of the left who attacked Martina Markota for airing her personal views despite knowing that her political view had nothing to do with the art she was performing would be happy to see her completely without a job, but that didn’t happen.

Thanks to the fame she had already gained as a burlesque dancer, Markota soon landed a job in another field – broadcasting. In 2017, she began working as a video producer and an on-air personality for the Daily Caller – a conservative media outlet. Markota had a brief stint with the media outlet before taking up work as a political and social culture reporter for The Rebel Media team.

Martina Markota May Soon Walk Down The Aisle

Martina Markota and Jack Buckby
Martina Markota and Jack Buckby: image source

Martina Markota is widely believed to be gearing up towards walking down the aisle. She is currently engaged to British politician and author Jack Buckby. While it is uncertain how and when exactly the lovebirds met, it is public knowledge that Jack popped the big question during a trip in December 2016.

Just like his soon-to-be wife, Jack suffered the same fate as the artist when she had to face the extremists of the left head-on. But from what is perceivable, the incident didn’t seem to have any lasting effect on their relationship as the duo are reportedly going strong.

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