Marty Lagina Bio – Siblings (Martina and Rick Lagina), Net Worth and Wife

Marty Lagina is an American engineer and businessman who has risen to fame as a reality TV star. This is thanks to his involvement in the adventure TV series, The Curse of Oak Island. The Curse of Oak Island is a long-running TV series which airs on the history channel. The show aims to solve the mysteries of Oak Island which is believed to harbor numerous treasures and artifacts. The show follows Lagina, his brother as well as other collaborators as they try to find the said treasures. Find out more about Lagina here including his bio, wife, siblings, net worth etc.

Marty Lagina Bio

Marty Lagina was born in the US state of Michigan in the year 1955. His exact date of birth is not known. Marty spent his formative years in Kingsford, Michigan. He attended the high school in his community before proceeding to the University of Michigan where he studied mechanical engineering. He completed his studies and received his degree in 1977. Lagina’s academic exploits did not stop at that as he also went back to school to obtain a law degree. He received his JD in the year 1982 and was subsequently admitted to the Michigan State Bar.

Lagina commenced his career as an engineer for a petroleum company, Amoco Production Company. After some years of working for the company, he took the bold and risky step of starting up his own company in 1982. Known as Terra Energy Ltd, the company dealt in oil and gas explorations as well as permits and leases for oil wells. Lagina ran the business for more than 12 years during which it became very successful. He later sold the company in 1995 for a whopping sum of $58 million.

Since selling the company, Marty Lagina has ventured into other profitable activities. It includes a large winery in his local Michigan known as Mari Vineyards. The winery utilizes modern techniques such as green energy. Lagina also has a sustainable energy company known as Heritage Sustainable.

Net Worth

Marty Lagina is a wealthy fellow and this is not surprising given the successful career he has had in the energy sector. Some sources estimate his fortune to be a $100 million but more conservative estimates peg it at $40 million. Lagina is a self-made millionaire as there is nothing to indicate that he inherited his wealth. He made his money from several business ventures such as his winery, wind turbine company etc. He also makes half a million dollars annually from his reality TV show. It must be noted that he is one of the major financiers, as well as a producer, of The Curse of Oak Island.

Meet His Siblings – Martina and Rick Lagina

Marty Lagina comes from a family of five. It includes his mom, Ann Cavalieri, dad, George Jacob Lagina, and 3 siblings. His 3 siblings comprise of two sisters – Teresa and Martina and a brother, Rick. His brother, Rick, is his long-time collaborator and partner on the reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Islands.

Oak Island is a privately-owned island off Nova Scotia, Canada. Many theories postulate that hidden treasures and artifacts such as Captain Kidd’s treasure, Marie Antoinette’s jewels are buried under the island. Marty and his brother initially got acquainted with the Oak Island after reading about it in Readers Digest in January 1965. When they grew up and had sufficient funds, they decided to investigate the mysterious Island treasures.

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They purchased a major stake in the Island and hired some local residents, as well as renowned experts, to assist them in their quest. Their adventures form the plot of the show. The brothers (particularly Marty) are skeptical as to whether there are really any hidden treasures. They have however persisted in the hunt due to some clues they have unearthed over the years.

All about his Wife and Kids

Marty Lagina
Lagina and family (image source)

The reality TV star is very much off the market and has been so for quite some time. He is married to his long-time love, Margaret Olivia Lagina. The exact date of their wedding is not known but they have been together for at least 20 years. Margaret is an alumnus of Reuters College as well as an engineer. She is a geological engineer and has worked for some petroleum companies.

Lagina and his wife have two kids together. They are a son named Alex and a daughter, named Maddie. His son has followed his footsteps as he equally studied mechanical engineering in college. He is now involved in the family’s business ventures such as their winery and reality TV show. The Lagina family are based in Michigan, specifically the town of Traverse.

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