Megan Jane Ramsay – Biography, Facts About Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter

One of the greatest dreams of every growing kid is to be famous or be associated with someone who is. Among the few who have that privilege is the celebrity kid Megan Jane Ramsay, daughter of the famous British Chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay. The eldest daughter of the famous British chef and wife Mana has stunned the social media as a celebrity kid and an Instagram sensation.

However, despite the fame, power, and money that come with being a celebrity, the tougher challenge is transitioning to an adult celebrity successfully which is something Megan Jane’s family has been very conscious about. Read on as we shed more light on the life of the Instagram star and the kind of upbringing she has been privileged to have.

Megan Jane Ramsay’s Biography

Born on the 16th of May, 1998 to the British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tena, Megan shares the love of both parents with her three siblings; two sisters named, Holly Anna Ramsay and Matilda Ramsay, and a brother Jack Scott Ramsay.

She had her education at Oxford Brookes where she studied for a Psychology degree. The school is famous for accommodating a good number of children born to the rich and famous especially because it takes measures to keep them on the straight and narrow. But to also ensure his kid does not indulge in teen fantasies that may have her become problematic, Gordon Ramsay kept an eye on Megan’s growth process by installing GoPro cameras in her room.

With the celebrity chef as her father, Megan Jane Ramsay has leveraged that rare opportunity and has garnered a massive following on social media. This worked pretty well because she has appeared on Television numerous times alongside her father and siblings. To further increase her fame, Megan has traveled around the world with her father, cooking and visiting some super cool places. The Instagram sensation has not been found wanting in updating her fan-base of over 100 thousand followers on her visits and exposure to diverse cultures.

Facts About Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter


Tana Ramsay, Megan Jane Ramsay
The Ramsay Family

Megan Jane Ramsay was born two years after her parents Gordon Ramsay and Tena Hutcheson tied the knot in 1996. With her exciting family, Megan has been a sensation at home, school and on social networking platforms. She joined the London marathon in 2017, in loving memory of her brother Rocky who died in a miscarriage her mother had with a 5 months pregnancy in June 2016. At the end of the event, young Megan surpassed the £2000 which she placed as a target in her fundraising venture; her fans, as well as her family, donated generously. She was able to support Ormond Street Hospital charity with the £5000 she realized.

The family came to fame from their father’s popular chef business which has placed them in the league of celebrity families. Gordon Ramsay was not born in a silver spoon as his kids but rather had it tough growing up. He started his early endeavors as a football player in the under-14 team at age 12. He was phenomenal as he was picked to play for Warwickshire. However, his athletic career came to a good stop when he had severe injuries that ensured he never played again. He then channeled his mind to cooking, went for classes, took courses and finally building an empire out of his culinary skills.

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Is Megan Jane Ramsay Dating?

At first, it looked like Megan was never going to have a boyfriend as her father was determined to ensure she steers clear of boys. At age 17, Gordon paid his son Jack $100 to spy on his sister’s private life and report back to him. Gordon knew the challenges that came with adolescence and was probably trying to stall a mistake which sounds like what any father would do.

However, that did not last as Megan soon took to hanging with fellow celebrity kid Brooklyn Beckham, the son of footballer David Beckham. Though things did not skip into a romantic stage as Brooklyn is said to have a dancer girlfriend, it seems Megan Jane Ramsay found love in a totally new person whom she was captured kissing. He was identified as Charlie Webb, but there has been no further detail as to whether or not they are actually an item.

Net Worth

With over 115 thousand followers on her Instagram, Megan Jane Ramsay is surely a social media sensation. There isn’t any published information regarding her salary or net-worth. However, her popular chef dad, Gordon Ramsay has a net worth pegged at $160 million and an average salary of $60 million annually.


Megan Jane Ramsay is shorter than her father Gordon Ramsay. She has an impressive height of 6 feet and 2inches which many speculate may change soon as she grows older.


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