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You probably would not have known this guy if he wasn’t shot in the knee earlier in life – long before he ever entertained to the thought of becoming an actor. Michael Mando teetered between various career options before him, before he finally found his fortune in acting. This article will help you know more about this very successful TV  actor, producer, entrepreneur and director such as his bio, ethnicity, family, ascertain the truth of his alleged queerness, among others.

Michael Mando Bio (Ethnicity)

He was born on the 13th of July in 1981 in the city of Quebec, Canada. Though a French Canadian, Michael Mando’s family is of Mexican descent. The actor speaks French, Spanish and English languages fluently and has learned various lifestyles and cultures in the course of their various migrations. As a teenager, he was not sure what he really wanted to do in life; young Michael enrolled in 4 high schools, 3 colleges and 4 universities due to his ever-changing career preference and the fact that his family moved around a lot.

He was very athletic and took part in multiple sports including football, soccer and ice hockey. He, however, quit sports when he sustained a gun injury on his knee. Notable among the schools he attended is the University of Montreal where he studied International Relations before attending the Dome Theatre program in Dawson College where he finally discovered is innate acting ability.

In 2004, despite having no prior training, Michael played various lead roles in 5 different plays at the Dome Theatre programs. The budding actor graduated from the college and was given credits for roles he played as Orlando in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, as Professor Katz in Pentecost and as Valentine Xavier in Tennessee William’s Orpheus Descending. He was recognized as one of the finest upcoming talents to emerge from the program in over two decades of its existence.

He continued his acting exploits after leaving the theatre school and starred in two award-winning theatre productions before founding his own company – Red Barlo Productions.  Red Barlow’s first movie Conditional Affection was released in 2010 and was selected to notable international film festivals like Fantasia, Bare Bones, ACTRA Short films and the New Hope. He starred in the film, as well as writing and directing it.

Michael Mando’s debut as a TV actor was his guest appearance in Canadian crime series The Bridge, medical drama series Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, CBC Canadian drama The Border, as well as on Canadian science fiction series, The Lost Girl. He played a lead role in 2010 feature film Territories and earned a frequent starring role in another Canadian TV series Les Bieus de Ramville as well as a guest appearance in Canadian police drama King.

He, moreso, lent his voice and face as the villain ‘Vaas Montenegro’ in the open-world action adventure video game Far Cry 3 in 2012 and also starred in the sequel web series Far Cry Experience. Michael Mando was cast in season one of Canadian sci-fi thriller Orphan Black which was aired in 2013. His role as Vic, a violent drug peddler earned him a nomination for the Canadian Screen award.

The actor continued to play this role through the second season. In 2014, Michael portrayed career criminal Nacho in the American TV crime series Better Call Saul. He played the villain Mac Gargan in 2017 Spiderman: Homecoming, and in 2018 movie The Humming Bird Project, he featured alongside, Salma Hayek, Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard.

The Canadian born actor is doing so well and must be earning quite a fortune though it isn’t clear what his current net worth amounts to.


Michael Mando and his two brothers lived with their father who is assumed to have raised them as a single parent since nothing has revealed about his mother or stepmother so far. Because of their very frequent travelling, the Mandos lived in 10 different cities across 4 continents and 37 different neighborhoods during Michael’s formative years and right into his teenage years.

Is Michael Mando Gay? Girlfriend

The handsome actor is surprisingly not yet married but he seems taken by an unknown lady even though he has kept his romantic life away from the public. Michael Mando’s secrecy about the woman in his life has led to much speculation that the actor is gay.

However, the actor’s social media activities refutes any speculation of queerness as he is seen taking lovable pictures with a lady whose identity he has successfully hidden. One of the pictures posted on February 14, 2017, shows Mando lifting the girl who hid her face from the camera.

Michael Mando
Michael Mando and his mystery girlfriend

In July 2018, the actor again posted an Instagram picture of the same girl as they were having a nice time at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. However, despite flaunting lovable pictures of his girlfriend, Michael Mando has remained tight-lipped about her identity and the status of their relationship but it is certain they are happy together.


Michael Mando has an athletic body build and he is one of the tall actors in Hollywood standing at a height of 9 inches taller than 5 ft (1.75 m) standing head to head with Bob Odenkirk, the smooth-talking lawyer in the Breaking Bad American Actor.

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