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Have you ever wonder who Michelle Mylett calls her beau? Well, if you have, then you’re certainly not alone. The famous TV actress began her career starring in the lead role of Katy on the widely-watched Canadian sitcom series, Letterkenny. Since she began appearing on the show back in 2016, Mylett has remained the sole female in a lead role in the series. She is also popular for her recurring role on TV shows such as Four and Ascension and the 2017 feature film, Kiss and Cry; where she appeared as a gift shop employee. But asides the popular face that we know, fans are eager to know about the Michelle Mylett behind cameras. So, this post chronicles her bio, wealth, and answers the question – who is her boyfriend?

Michelle Mylett Bio

Michelle Mylett was born as Robyn Michelle Mylett in Ladysmith, Canada, on Jan 4, 1989. Although she’s quite succeeded in keeping details of her childhood, education, parents, and siblings away from the eye of the media, we know she spent much of her formative years in Vancouver, before she eventually made the big move to Toronto.

We also know that the Canadian actress has an older sibling by the name, Patrick Mylett. Her social media feeds and interviews haven’t given us a peek into what her high school was like. Neither are we aware of the higher institutions she passed through. What we can assume is that Mylett received the proper formal training befitting a kid of her day and has her parents to thank for that.

As regards her career history, though many viewers and fans believe Michelle Mylett is a newbie to the acting and entertainment industry; nothing can be more wrong than that. This mistaken newbie has been at it for longer than our peering eyes could trace. As it always happens with acting and music, something always introduces you to the limelight. For Mylett, it was her incredible role as Katty in the Crave TV series, Letterkenny, back in 2016. Though she’s popular for her role on the sitcom, Mylett is also popular for several other projects, if you’ve been following.

One of those is her appearance alongside big names like Danny Glover and Evan Ross in the independent feature film Buckout Road. She’s also appeared in Violet, the thriller Antisocial, the CBC series Four in the Morning, and also the independent feature film The Drownsman.

Like most celebrity actresses her class, Mylett operates widely-followed social media handles where she intimates fans about her personal and professional moves; especially on Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram, she goes by the profile name michellemylett, where she has over 120k followers. While on Twitter, she goes by the handle @MichelleMylett where she has over 25k followers.

Her Net Worth

As of early 2019, there are no publicly revealed figure as regards Michelle Mylett’s net worth. Nevertheless, a few sources speculate a net worth of around $500,000. What we know, however, is that an average Canadian actress is paid $11.65 per hour and takes home no less than $22,718 annually. But Mylett is no average actress. Therefore, chances are that she receives way more than that. Whatever the figures are, we’re sure to let you know as soon as we find out.

Who Is The Husband or Boyfriend?

Michelle Mylett.
Michelle Mylett and her boyfriend, Jesse Antler.

Michelle Mylett is taken! Yes. Though she hasn’t tied the knot yet, she’s madly in love with one Jesse Antler. She’s been quite tight-lipped about their dating history, we nevertheless are sure he’s the man she hopes to call “Hubby” soon. So far, Mylett’s social media uploads show pictures of them hanging out on various love trips. Even as no date has been set for weddings, we’ll be the first to tell you as soon as we catch wind of that.

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Michelle Mylett’s Height and Body Features

Michelle Mylett has a graceful, slim build and everyone would acknowledge she’s good-looking. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) and has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Quite sadly, we’re short of the specifics regarding her bust, waist and hips measurement. As soon as we have tabs on those, we’re sure to let you know.

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