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Mike Wolfe is an American scavenger and antique collector that came into the spotlight by carefully parlaying his picking craft into a lucrative business venture. Armed with a wealth of experience and exposure garnered from picking antiques as a young chap, he launched an American reality television series known as American Pickers which premiered on 18th January 2010, on History channel.

The American Pickers‘ creator has a story to tell for every piece picked, neatly documenting and airing the story of such important pieces. He is also an author of a number of great books on the same subject. Read on to get acquainted with his bio, wife, family, net worth, and other surrounding facts about the picker cum television star.

Mike Wolfe’s Bio (Age)

The accomplished entrepreneur was born on the 11th day of June 1964 as Michael Wolfe in Joliet, Illinois, the United States of America. The American was single-handedly raised by his mum after his parents’ divorce was finalized just when he and his siblings were still tender. In a bid to lessen the financial burden circumstances left on his mother, Mike Wolfe began to fend for himself by picking stuff from the trash around his neighbourhood.

Although his educational background is yet to be revealed, (including the elementary, high school and college attended) he is a well-bred and knowledgeable individual. In his early years of picking, he learned how to fix up damaged and abandoned items/pieces, which he, in turn, sold off to antique stores for some money. Some of such items included electrical gadgets, bicycles, motorcycles among others. At age six, the young scavenger picked a neighbor’s damaged and abandoned bicycle out from trash which he fixed up until it became usable.

He eventually grew the habit into a viable craft and he soon acquired a cargo van that helped him travel across the many states in America to pick items from far back as the 80s and 90s.  His big break came when he put his wealth of experience into creating an American reality TV show American Pickers, which was produced by A&E Television Networks and in collaboration with Cineflix Media; the program airs on the History channel.

The series has been widely well-received since its inception and was once ranked as the second most popular TV show after American Idol. The show recorded over 3.1 million viewers during the first season in 2010. It has now aired for over 20 seasons and does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Mike Wolfe, who created the series also starred in it alongside his good friend, Frank Fritz.

Inspired by the success of the series, he whetted his skill as an author by penning down his wealth of experience in books like Kid Pickers, Art of the Pick, Debt Advice Handbook, and Debt Advice.

Mike Wolfe’s Net Worth

Mike Wolfe has done very well financially via his scavenging, television and production businesses. His net worth is estimated to be between $5 million to $7 million. He rakes in over $500,000 from each season of American Pickers series. Moreover, Mike Wolfe has dived into other ventures such as sole proprietary stores and sales of merchandises like branded hats, shirts, mugs, and more, he also mints from endorsement deals.

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Family – Parents, Siblings, and Wife

Mike Wolfe
Mike Wolfe with his lovely wife Jodi Faeth and their daughter Charlie

Mike Wolfe is the son of Rita Wolfe and an unknown father. He has two siblings namely; Robbie and Beth. Robbie his elder brother was a rock star musician who also joined Mike in his business.

With respect to Mike Wolfe’s love life, he met his wife, Jodi Faeth in 1994 when he was still building his career. They dated for a long period of time before tying the knot in Leiper’s Fork, in Tennessee on 8th of September 2012. The happy couple had their honeymoon in Hawaii. Despite being the celebrated wife and support system of a very successful and prominent man, Jodi Faeth has maintained a very low profile away from the media.

Jodi Faeth’s actual date of birth is unknown, but records have it that she was born in the year 1972, in the United States of America.

Other Facts About Mike Wolfe

Mike Has A Daughter

The antique hunter is not just a married man but a father of one. He welcomed a daughter named Charlie Faeth Wolfe born on January 30, 2012. She was born a couple of months before her parents walked down the aisle.

He Was A Fire Fighter In Leclaire Iowa

Interestingly, Michael Wolfe served as a firefighter in Leclaire Iowa before he worked in the City Council for four years as a history keeper.

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Social Media Presence And Charity Works

The seasoned author has a functional social media handle on Facebook (over 1,000,000 followers), Instagram (over 328 k fans) and Twitter (more than 168 k followers) where he regularly updates his loyal fans and the general public of his and team’s daily activities.

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Besides, he is also a fantastic humanitarian who has contributed financially to projects under animal shelters like ASPCA (American Society For Prevention of the Cruelty To Animals), Operation Smile and St. Jude’s hospital and others.

What Is His Height?

The organic and brainy entrepreneur is a slender man packed with the good looks enhanced by his distinctive honey-colored eyes and grey hair. He commands a height of 6 ft 0 inches (1.83 m).

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