These Facts Will Tell You All You Need to Know About Natacha Karam’s Family and Acting Career

The movie business is not for the fainthearted and one lady that is proving that she has got what it takes to go far is Natacha Karam. Karam commenced her acting career on stage in 2014 and since then, has racked up an impressive filmography. On the small screen, she has featured in shows such as Homeland and Silent Witness. On the big screen also, she has starred in movies such as Valentine’s Again and Category Five.

The super-talented Karam has become very popular – thanks to the TV show, The Brave where she plays the role of a badass sniper. The role has not only propelled her to the limelight but has made her a role model for girls all over the world.

Her Nomadic Childhood

Natacha Karam was born in the United Kingdom and spent the first few years of her life in Ireland. She subsequently had a nomadic childhood due to the nature of her father’s job. By the time she was 13, the future Hollywood star had lived in as many as five countries. It was only when she became an adult i.e. 18 years that she moved to London and made it her home.

When it comes to her Hollywood journey, Karam first nursed the dream of becoming an actress at the age of four. She kept that dream alive throughout high school and obtained her A–levels in 2012 at Dubai College. After that, the young lady proceeded to City Lit College, London, where she studied acting. She graduated in 2014 ad immediately auditioned for a role in a theatrical production of O’Flaherty.

Karam did not land that particular role but she did not let this deter her. She forged on and her hard work was rewarded in 2015 with roles in three different stage productions namely – Public Inconveniences, The Revenger’s Tragedy, and W.A.S.H. She also landed her first movie role that same year, in the short film, Clean Conscience.

Making her Mark in Hollywood with Brave, 9-1-1: Lone Star and The Old Guard

Since her breakout year of 2015, Natacha Karam has gone on to feature in more movies and TV shows. They include Alike, Category Five, and Valentines’s Again (all in 2016). Others are Silent Witness and Homeland.

One of her most significant roles to date is as Sergeant Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Khan on NBC’s The Brave. The show follows an elite undercover military team whose job includes handling missions in dangerous parts of the world, bringing down the bad guys, and rescuing innocents. It ran for just one season and Karam’s character was not just the only woman on the team but also the best shooter. This endeared her to a lot of fans especially amongst those with a military background.

Natacha Karam
Natacha Karam on the set of The Brave Image Source

Another notable TV project that Natacha Karam has featured in is the Fox drama series, 9-1-1: Lone Star. The series revolves around Owen Strand, an elite NY firefighter who relocates to Texas in order to continue his career while having to deal with issues in his personal life, including his son. 9-1-1: Lone Star featured the likes of Rob Lowe and Liv Tyler as Karam portrayed a Muslim firefighter named Marjan. The show has received some criticisms for the alleged inaccurate portrayal of the Muslim faith but it has nevertheless been a big hit, drawing in a record-breaking number of viewers each week, since its 2020 debut.

Natacha Karam
Karam and Julian Works on the set of 9-1-1: Lone Star Image Source

Away from the small screens, Natacha Karam is also one of the stars of the 2020 Netflix original movie, The Old Guard. The action-adventure film follows a group of immortal mercenaries as they battle for their freedom as well as to protect the secret of their longevity. The Old Guard featured a star-studded cast and as such, Karam got to share the screens with the likes of Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The British actress is also set to star alongside another heavyweight, Sylvester Stallone, in a superhero-based adventure drama titled Samaritan.

She Comes From A Her Close-knit Family of Four

Living in the spotlight can be quite daunting and as such, it is not surprising to see celebrities being stingy with details about their personal lives and loved ones. We, therefore, have to be contented with whatever they choose to share with the public.

In Natacha Karam’s case, she has yet to disclose specific details about her parents. We, however, do know that her mom is from Northern Ireland while her dad is half-French and half-Lebanese. The actress also has a brother whom she loves so much, judging by her Instagram posts, and his name is Christophe.

Natacha Karam
Karam and her brother Christophe: image source

The Karam family is well-traveled and lived in many countries due to the job demands of their patriarch. As a result of this, Natacha has lived in nearly half a dozen countries and her journeys have helped her to pick up many accents.

The actress can expertly handle a wide array of accents, from Irish to Scottish, London, Australia, South African, Dublin, French, Indian, Israeli, New York, and California. Additionally, she speaks English and French fluently. Karam also has a working knowledge of Arabic and all these have certainly proved beneficial in furthering her acting career.

What We Know About Her Love Life

The raven-haired actress is not dating anyone, at least publicly. She has also managed to escape all the dating conspiracies and rumored relationships that surround people in the industry. It is therefore very much possible that she is single. It is also possible that she is in a relationship but is choosing to keep her beau all to herself. One thing that we do know for sure is that the actress is having a ball in her life.

She has a much-beloved dog who can also be said to be a member of the family. His name is Cleopatra and the actress regards him as her best friend. Another thing that Natacha Karam has going for her is her love of boxing. The actress is an avid boxer and usually joins a boxing club in whichever city she finds herself in.

She boxes as much as six times a day and regularly shares pictures and videos of her boxing sessions on Instagram. All these boxing sessions have not been for naught as Karam boasts of an enviable physique comprising of height, 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 m), and weight, 56 kg (123 lb). Other additional measurements are chest – 35 inches (89 cm), waist – 24 inches (61 cm), and hips – 36 inches (91 cm).

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