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There is no limit to what anyone can achieve when they set their minds on it especially when talent, determination, and perseverance are in abundance; this saying is so true for the prominent American actor, a writer, comedian, and a woodworker (carver) Nick Offerman. The versatile entertainer who has starred in a good number of films and television series is a winner of the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy in addition to other nominations. Read more about his religious beliefs, net worth, who his wife is and more.

Nick Offerman Biography

Nick Offerman was born Nickolas Offerman on June 26, 1970, in Joliet, Illinois, in the United States. He had his University Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he bagged Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993.

Destined to make ends meet through arts, he co-founded a theatre company named Defiant Theatre together with his fellow students. Nick Offerman started making appearances in films as far back as 1997 though in minor roles; some of which are Going All the Way (1997), where he played Wilks, City of Angels (1998), and Treasure Island (1999).

Whilst working as a fight choreographer and master carpenter at Steppenwolf, Nick hooked up with Amy Poehler who gave him the platform to explore his comic skills. The year 2003 saw him appear in some Television series like Will & Grace where he portrayed the character of a plumber, The King of Queens, 24 and The West Wing. He was later cast in Gorge Lopez, a sitcom where he played the character of Randy.

He kept improving in his acting skills while landing several roles. In 2007, he co-starred in the Comedy Central series titled American Body Shop. The year 2009, he landed himself a regular supporting role in the NBC sitcom titled Parks and Recreation where he played the role of Ron Swanson which gave him the groundbreaking fame in the industry.

Among other films, he is well known for The Founder (2016), where he played the role of Richard McDonald where he portrayed the character of Dick Mcdonald while his excellent work as Karl Weathers in Fargo (2015) a television series earned him the Critics’ Choice award nomination.

Since his career kicked off Nick has appeared in well over 50 films, 44 television series and one video game.

Offerman has also won several accolades and scored a number of awards as an actor, some which are; the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy based on his role in Parks and Recreation as well as Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in Movie/Ministries based on his work in Fargo among others.

As a writer, he has 3 autobiographical books published to his credit, they are titled –  Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living (2013), Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers (2015), and of course the Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop (2016).

As a woodworker, he has built boats, canoes, and items of furniture which he showcases in his workshop. His released instructional video in 2008 captures his wood art and craft works.


The celebrity was raised as a Catholic but he once said on O’Brien Conan show that he became a protestant Christian as a teenager in a bid to win a girlfriend though he largely identifies now as a libertarian and holds firmly to his Catholic faith with which he was raised.

His Net Worth

The writer and author has several means he earns money, and they are through numerous TV series or films, stand up comedies, the sale of his books, as well as his craftworks. His net worth is estimated to be well within $4 million.

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Offerman’s Family

Nick Offerman was born to a nurse, Cathy Roberts and a High School Social studies teacher father, Ric Offerman. A reliable platform reveals that he has three siblings; a brother named Matt Offerman, and sisters, Carrie Offerman and Laurie Offerman.

Nick’s grandfather named Ray Offerman was said to be naturally funny and creative and influenced Nick Offerman into carving a career in comedy. Nick was said to be very close to his grandfather who would take him to the farm where he learned how to make use of farm tools.

His Wife – Megan Mullally and Kids

Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman and his lovely wife Megan Mullally image source

Nick Offerman is married to the American actress Megan Mullally. The pair hit it off as friends after they met on the location of the film The Berlin Circle in 2000. After about 3 years of courtship, they got married on September 20, 2003.

Megan Mullally was born on November 12, 1958, in Los Angeles, California to Carter Mullally Jr and Martha Mullally. She studied Art History and English Literature at Northwestern University, Illinois. The American actress is popularly known for her beautiful displays in Will & Grace (2001), a series that Nick Offerman also made a guest appearance and in Happy Endings film (2005).

The couple had a live comedy tour in 2016, the theme was their sex life. Since their marriage began in 2003, they are yet to have any child of their own.

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