Who is Nicole Byer? Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

Nicole Byer, an American comedian, actress, and writer, made a name for herself after she played supporting roles on MTV’s prank show Ladylike and the reality show Girl Code. The latter was a series that featured comedians who analyzed in minute details, all the issues that young women deal with daily, from period to dating, to weird friendship dynamics and questions about sex.

Currently, she stars in a scripted comedy series inspired by her own life story, Loosely Exactly Nicole on Facebook Watch and also hosts the Netflix reality bake-off show Nailed It!.

Who is Nicole Byer?

Nicole Byer, born on August 29, 1986, is the second of two daughters. She was born and raised in New Jersey and started acting when she was in high school and also attended The Actor’s Playground School of Theater. Upon her graduation from high school, her father wanted her to attend Rutgers University, New Jersey, but she wanted to school in New York and become a famous actress.

She always thought of being on the broadway and her mother encouraged her to do theatre in high school so she had a notion that she was going to move to the city and become this famous person.

Later on, Nicole moved to New York City where she attended The American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and graduated in 2006. It was not until she attended Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) IN 2008 that she started performing on the regular, figuring out how funny she was, why she was funny and how to play with an audience.

At UCB, Nicole took improvisation classes and was later put on Maude night, which is the house sketch team. She kept on doing improvisation and got put on teams there, did video recordings with UCB Comedy and started collaborating with people she met there, uploading their videos on Youtube. After eight years of living and working in New York, the star comedian decided to move to Los Angeles in 2012 basically because there was not so much shooting happening in New York.

In 2013, Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata co-created and hosted a web series known as Pursuit of Sexiness, which was produced by Upright Citizens Brigade. The same year, she featured on the series, Girl Code, where she dished out funny, unfiltered advice about dating. On the series, Byer was known to be one of the most honest, forthcoming members of a group of female comedians whose claim to fame was being very honest and forthcoming.

After Girl Code started airing, Nicole revealed that she started getting presented with college shows but she refused them with the excuse that she does not do stand-up comedy. However, she was made to believe that since she does characters, she could as well frame her characters into standup and that was how she started doing standup in 2013.

Nicole Byer

The following year, she hosted the first season of MTV’s Are You the One? The Aftermatch Live and in 2016, she made appearances on two  MTV shows, Girl Code and Ladylike. She also made regular appearances on the Fox thirty minute sketch comedy, Party Over Here, which canceled after its first season. Also in 2016, MTV picked up Nicole Byer’s comedy, Loosely Exactly Nicole, which premiered on the network on September 5, 2016. However, the scripted comedy series inspired by the life of its star, comedian, Nicole Byer, was canceled after one season alongside most of the network’s other scripted programming.

According to Byer, she was pretty devastated but managed to pull through with the help of her therapist. Some months after, Facebook Watch picked up the series for a second season which debuted on 20th December 2017, on the social media platform.

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In 2017, Nicole acted as Lizette in Season 5, Episode 7 of the sitcom Young & Hungry. She was also a guest judge on the season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars. In December of the same year, the beautiful black lady kicked off a weekly podcast named Why Won’t You Date Me? on the Headgum podcast network.

Beginning from March 2018, Nicole Byer alongside head judge, chocolatier Jacques Torres, became the host on Netflix original reality bake-off show, Nailed It! The show features home bakers with a horrible track record, trying to recreate super complicated pastries for the prize of $10,000. She also featured in a Smirnoff advert campaign with Ted Danson in 2018.

Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

Her Tattoos

In 2016, Nicole Byer appeared on the late-night show, Conan, where she revealed that she had about 15 tattoos on different parts of her body- talking particularly about the food-themed tattoos she had on her butt cheeks. According to her, she had on one side of her but, a lollipop, ice cream cone, and a cupcake that says “It’s sweet, just taste it” and on the other side there’s a chili pepper that says “Muy Caliente.” Speaking of why she got the tattoos, the comedian explained that she just wanted people to remain interested.

Weight Loss

Nicole is a plus-size woman but she would love to lose some weight if she could. To achieve this, she has done so many diets including Atkins and keto but none of them worked for her. This is because according to her, she likes to binge eat and that is the root of her weight problem. Speaking in an interview, the young lady said she has no intention of dieting ever again rather, she would rather stick to exercising (weightlifting particularly) even though she hates to exercise.

Body Positivity

Having grown past feeling bad about her body size and limiting herself to wearing certain kinds of clothes in order to hide her body, Nicole is now body positive. She has accepted her body just as it is and believes that everyone is beautiful…”You’re always beautiful to somebody, and you’re always ugly to somebody”, she said during an interview with Brit+Co

Biggest Influence

Her mother and Whoopi Goldberg are Nicole’s major influence. She once said that she would be happy if her career looked anything like what Whoopi Goldberg has done. The comedian loves Whoopi so much that she can watch Sister Act till the cows come home and she has seen Ghost at least a thousand times.

She Was Once Married

Around 2006-2008, Nicole Byer got involved in a lot of mess. She had a $20,000 credit card debt in a year and thought it logical to deal with the debt by getting married. She got married in March 2007 and in March of the following year, she got divorced.

Nicole Is An Orphan

Her mother died while she was in a play in high school while her father died shortly after her divorce when she was at People’s Improv Theatre taking classes in improv 101.

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