Details of Nicole Threatt’s Union With Dr Dre And Facts About Their Separation

Hip-hop fans would undoubtedly be familiar with the name Dr. Dre, the rapper and producer behind the success of several other top music stars such as 50 Cent, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg. While abundant information is readily available about the multi-award winning music executive, not much is known about Nicole Threatt, the woman he has been married to since 1996.

Despite being the long-term wife of a prominent figure, Nicole is a celebrity spouse who wears her fame lightly. Over the years, her marriage to the hip hop icon has been a topic that interests the public, but the curiosity heightened in mid-2020 when it emerged that the couple is getting a divorce.

Their Love Story Began While Nicole Was Still Married To Sedale Threatt

Until it was reported that Nicole and Dre are set to abandon their marriage, it was widely believed that she was in a happy marriage with Andre Romelle Young who is better known as Dr. Dre.

While it is common knowledge that the couple has been married for more than two decades, not many are aware that this marriage is not the first for both parties. Prior to Dre, Nicole Kendra Plotzker was married to former NBA player Sedale Threatt which explains where she got the surname from. Given how private Nicole has been, not much is known about her previous relationship.

However, Nicole is believed to have been unhappy in her first marriage and the circumstances that led to its end are definitely connected to the constant fights and squabbles between the former couple. It was while still married to Sedale that Nicole met her current husband Andre. Convinced that Nicole was the woman he had been searching for, a very expressive Dre did not hesitate to woo her despite the fact that she was still married at the time.

Worthy of note is an interesting love letter Dre wrote to Nicole back then, explaining why she needed to leave the toxic relationship with Sedale. Her marriage later ended in a divorce and things picked up for Nicole and Dre thereafter as they eventually tied the knot in 1996.

Nicole Threatt And Dr Dre Have Two Kids Between Them

Interestingly, it was the same year they wedded that Dre’s career took a fortuitous turn. He quit his former label Death Row to establish his own label, Aftermath Entertainment, a decision that has since paid off.

Thereafter, Dre has not only recorded financial success in his career but has also racked up no less than six Grammy Awards. It is, therefore, safe to say that Nicole Threatt is truly Dre’s ‘Lucky Charm’.

Nicole Threatt and family
Nicole Threatt and family: image source

The couple’s union has produced two kids: a son named Truice who was welcomed in 1997 and in 2001, a daughter named Truly joined the family. Together, they are also parents to four other kids from Dre’s previous relationships.

Nicole’s step-children are Curtis Young who was born to Dre in his teens (in 1981), a daughter named La Tanya Danielle Young born in 1983, a son, late Andre Young born in 1988 but died in 2008, and another son named Marcel born in 1991.

Why Nicole Filed For Divorce In June 2020

If the Youngs’ vacation pictures over the years hinted at anything, it was that they are one big happy family that prefers to live their lives under the radar. It was believed that Nicole Threatt and Dr. Dre shared an inseparable bond with no signs of discord until it emerged that the former filed for a divorce.

As reported, Nicole cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation and is asking for spousal support. While Nicole’s divorce petition suggested there was no prenup, Dre’s response implied otherwise.

In his answer to Nicole’s divorce petition, the hip hop star accepted to pay spousal support. Nonetheless, he demanded that the sharing of wealth be guided by their prenuptial agreement.

A Messy Legal Battle Is Brewing Between The Two

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Following Dr Dre’s answer to Nicole’s petition, the latter made a filing in L.A. court to contend that no prenup ought to govern the division of Dre’s wealth estimated at $800 million.

According to her, Dre pressurized her into signing the prenup; he would come to regret this a few years into their marriage and destroyed copies of their prenup, declaring it null and void.

Nicole insists that since the day Dre tore up the agreements, they had lived with the notion that their marriage isn’t governed by any premarital agreement. With that, she subpoenaed the hip hop star to gain access to his financial records. Dre has refused to honour the release of any of such documents, insisting that it contains his private information.

As claimed in Dre’s legal documents, he had maintained separate records for his “separate property” and “separate property business” throughout their marriage. Among other things, he argued that there is no basis for him to disclose confidential employee employment records.

Nicole Threatt Is A Graduate Of Law

As earlier stated, Nicole has done a good job at maintaining a private lifestyle since she came into the limelight. While details of most of her educational endeavours are uncertain, we know she is a graduate of law.

She is also believed to have practised as an attorney for some time but ditched the career after her marriage to Dre. Given the mystery surrounding Nicole’s life, it has been difficult to ascertain what she is up to career-wise. It is unknown how long Nicole practised her legal career and her earnings at the time. More so, it is uncertain if the ultra-private celebrity spouse was fully a housewife or directly involved in any of her husband’s businesses.

While Nicole’s earnings are unknown, her net worth is unarguably nothing compared to that of her husband whose fortune is pegged at a whopping sum of $830 million. As the better half of such a successful public figure, Nicole Threatt did not need to work to lead a life of luxury but things would probably change for her, depending on the outcome of her divorce petition.

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