Which Is Nicolette Scorsese’s Biggest Career Role, Is She Retired and Who Has She Dated?

Nicolette Scorsese is an elegant actress we can’t forget easily for her raunchy roles in films such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Boxing Helena. Prior to taking the American film industry by storm with her undeniable acting talent, Nicolette worked as a model, appearing in a number of commercials and ad campaigns.

Although she had a brief stint in the film industry, she managed to endear herself to many with her terrific performances. Before her disappearance from the screens, the former model accrued a good number of acting credits for which she is still remembered to date.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Shot Nicolette Scorsese To Fame

Nicolette Scorsese fell in love with acting and modelling when she was just a child. She aspired to make a career in Hollywood and started out with modelling. Her acting dream only materialized much later, when she was in her early 30s. After picking up a few roles, the starlet got her supposed big break in the 1989 movie, The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Nicolette Scorsese
Nicolette as Mary in The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Image Source)

The movie follows the antics of the Griswold family who plan to have the perfect holiday. Their perfect plans are, however, ruined by a cousin who relocates his camper to their property. They also have to deal with their employer’s refusal to pay an agreed Christmas bonus. In the movie, Scorsese played the role of a sexy departmental store clerk and the protagonist (Clark Griswold) fantasizes about her.

To date, her role of sexy Mary is what the actress is mostly remembered for as she is famously known as the “Christmas Vacation dream girl”.

A Look At Her Other Prominent Roles

Making her TV debut in 1985, Scorsese is also recognised for her depictions in the award-winning TV series, The A-Team. The action series followed four Vietnam vets who are framed for a crime they did not commit. They make a run for their lives and end up saving innocent people along the way. Scorsese had a minor role as Cindy in the series.

Nicolette Scorsese’s next role came in 1988 in the movie, Perfect Victims; a horror/thriller about a psycho who blames women for the fact that he contracted AIDS. He thus begins to stalk and kill beautiful women as some sort of revenge. Scorsese played the role of one of these beautiful women named Melissa Cody.

Another one of the actress’ best-known roles can be seen in the 1993 film, Boxing Helena that was critically acclaimed at the Sundance film festival where it debuted in January 1993. Nicolette played the role of Fantasy lover/Nurse in the mystery thriller that tells the story of a surgeon who had a growing obsession for a woman and as a result, amputated her limbs after she suffered a car accident, in order to hold her captive in his home.

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She Starred In Many Films And TV Series Prior To Her Disappearance From The Acting Scene

Over the course of her active career, Nicolette Scorsese was credited with more than thirteen films and TV series. After making an introduction into the acting scene with her role of Cindy in two episodes of The A-Team in 1985, she moved on to feature in the sitcom, Charles in Charge two years later, scoring the role of Louise in the drama series that premiered on CBS in 1984 and last aired in 1990.

Later in 1993, Nicolette was cast as Tina in the film, Aspen Extreme, followed by a minor role of Hostess #1 in the 1993 short film, The Waiter. In the next year, she played Holly in one episode of the hit legal drama TV series, L. A Law that ran on NBC for eight seasons, winning fifteen Emmy Awards throughout its run. She was subsequently cast in Rebel Highway (1994) and Girls in Prison (1994) before landing the role of Pamela in the smash TV series, ER in 1985.

The NBC medical drama series which is the second-longest-running primetime medical drama in American television history projected Nicolette Scorsese to a wider audience as the series won a total of 116 awards throughout its fifteen-season run. She further portrayed Busty Barmaid #2/Francine in NYPD Blue (1995-2000), Eileen in The Ultimate Lie (1996), and Excelsior in Lone Greasers (1998).

What Has Nicolette Been Up To In Recent Times?

Although Scorsese didn’t achieve a long term career in the film industry, she was able to gather a significant fan base with her undeniable acting abilities and sexy body frame. As a result, her disappearance from the camera since 2000 when she was last seen in NYPD Blue has raised several questions among her fans. They are curious to know whether the back in the day-star is still alive, why she decided to stay far from the camera despite being talented and what she has been doing in recent years.

Well, with Nicolette Scorsese being a private person as she doesn’t have a social media presence, it’s quite hard for the prevailing questions to be answered. Nonetheless, the former model is said to have retired from acting and the reasons behind her decision are yet to be made available. She reportedly lives as a socialite currently, attending many art exhibitions as she was spotted in 2006 at an art show held in Saint Laurent, Beverly Hills.

The Actress Had A Colorful Dating Life During Her Active Career

Nicolette Scorsese has never been married. However, she was romantically linked to some widely known individuals in the entertainment industry when her career was blossoming. They include Antonio Sabato Jr., Jelly Bean Benitez, Sean Penn, and Billy Duff.

Jelly Bean Benitez

In the year 1988, Nicolette Scorsese was romantically connected to Jelly Bean Benitez, a Puerto Rican born American DJ and music producer. He has produced songs for legends such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Madonna. The pair dated for a few months before parting ways and the reason for their separation is yet to be made public.

Benitez who is Madonna’s ex-boyfriend got married to model Carolyn Effer but eventually divorced her.

Antonio Sabato Jr.


The Aspen Extreme actress started dating Antonio Sabato Jr. in 1989. He is an Italian-American model, actor and politician whom she reportedly met at the start of her career as a model. The two later called off the relationship in the same year after dating for a while. Antonio has been married twice since then and his second marriage to Cheryl Moana Marie Nunes legally ended in 2018.

Sean Penn

Nicolette and Sean Penn (Image Source)

If there is one confirmed relationship that Scorsese was in, it’s with Sean Penn, an Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker. The two were known to have been a very hot item back in 1989 when they graced the First Annual International Rock Awards as a couple at New York State Armory.

They dated for almost a year before heading their separate ways. The eminent actor who was once married to Madonna entered his third marriage with Australian actress, Leila George in July 2020.

Billy Duffy

Nicolette Scorsese reportedly had an affair with the British rock musician, Billy Duffy. The exact timeline of the relationship is not known, however, in the late ’90s, it was speculated that Scorsese was married to the rockstar and also, that the two welcomed a daughter named Shiloh Duffy in 2002. Well, it’s still not confirmed whether Nicolette is the mother of Billy’s daughter and if she was once married to the musician.

At the moment, it is not certain who her love interest is, whether she is single or just keeping details of her love life away from public scrutiny.

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