Is Nikita Dragun Transgender? What To Know About Her Age, Ethnicity & Boyfriend

Popular as Mama Dragun, Nikita Dragun is a transgender makeup artist who has massive followership on social media. But more than as a social media influencer and a beauty expert, she is also regarded as a youth icon for transgenders as well as a strong member of the LGBT community. Since her rise to fame, millions of people have been inquisitive to know every single detail about her. This article will enlighten you about her

Nikita Dragun’s Age and Ethnicity

One of the greatest personal defeats in life is that of one not being comfortable with one’s biological makeup. For Nikita Dragun who was born on January 31, 1996, as a male child to her parents in Springfield, Virginia, she was a victim of such. Growing up was quite difficult for her as she exhibited traces of transvestism, androgyny, and bisexuality. As a child, she was often mistaken by her parents and corrected rudely, she preferred the things that belonged to a lady and also wore her mom’s make up at different times. At birth, she was named Nicholas but took up the name Nikita Dragun after she chose her path as a transgender. She has two sisters – Allegrah Nguyen Capri and Taliah Nguyen Marriott and a brother, Vincarlo Nguyen. She is of Vietnamese and Mexican heritage.

Is Nikita Dragun Trans?

When Nikita Dragun was younger as a male child, she questioned why she was never interested in the things that pertain to males and in other to get answers to this, she watched a documentary that spoke about a transgender clan from which she got a clearer understanding of who she is and what can be done about her current form. At that point, she began saving up for her surgery.

Nikita’s days at high school were filled with a lot of bitter experiences. She was bullied and also found it discomforting to use the male restroom. At first, she thought she was gay but as time went on, Nicholas realized that she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. By the time she was ready to transit, she quivered because of her very strict background, however, her parents gave her the very best support she needed. Also, while in high school, she trained as a male artist but is currently looking forward to using her voice in a feminine way. She also enrolled for a four-year course at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.

With her video upload on YouTube titled I Am Transgender, she announced her status to the world on 28 December 2015. In the video, she exposed all the difficulties she encountered as a transgender person.

Nikita Dragun
Nikita Dragun after and before look.

Recently, Nikita Dragun underwent a successful surgery transitioning from being a male to a female. She uploaded a collage picture of her previous state and an after photo on the 15th of June 2018 on her Instagram page. She also showed gratitude to all her fans and the LGBT community who supported her from the very first day of her public claims. Five months after that, she shared yet another picture showing her post and pre-surgery experiences. Now, Nikita has gotten satisfaction looking like a tall and statuesque young woman with enchanting eyes and incredibly long legs.

Nikita Dragun’s Rise to Stardom

Nikita Dragun’s became a person of interest after she uploaded a picture of her wearing a pink dreadlock wig while she was on vacation in Harajuku Japan. Just within a short period of time, the picture was uploaded, it caused a lot of rife on the internet leading to a lot of negative responses and comments.

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Just after that, she began her career as a YouTube star. On her YouTube channel, she uploads pictures of different makeup styles and has also paid off as a beauty vlogger. With the rise in her career, she has become one of the major faces seen on so many hair, makeup and clothing ads. In May 2018, the avant-garde fashionista collaborated with Morphe on their lipstick collection.

Who is His Boyfriend?

When it comes to her relationship life, Nikita Dragun has played her cards so well that it is quite difficult to conclude who her real boyfriend is. In fact, on most of her uploads on Instagram, she has uploaded a lot more male pictures insinuating that they are all her boyfriends. She often tags them as ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend.

Well, after she posted a picture of her kissing Manny Guitierrez, many wondered if the two are a thing but like always she played a fast one uploading yet another boy’s picture tagging him as her boyfriend. Recently, she is said to be romantically involved with a fellow Youtuber, Josh Levya. Neither Nikita nor Josh has confirmed these rumors just yet. So to the best of our knowledge, the fashion aficionado is currently single


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