Noelle Nikpour Bio – Age, Husband and Net Worth

Noelle Nikpour can best be described as a lady who wears many professional hats and has been quite remarkable both in the media and in politics. She is a veteran consultant with the Republican party as well as a television analyst. As proof of how good she is at what she does, her career timeline over the years has been dotted with effective service to different channels and outfits such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and lots more.

The TV anchor has shown excellent services in her multi-dimensional work and this has earned her innumerable fortune and wealth which she has gone right ahead to channel back to the public by funding various projects and touching more lives than most celebrities do. Besides all of her good works, she got more known when she became a contestant for Congress in the district of Florida under the Republican party.

Noelle Nikpour’s Biography and Age

The political consultant was given the name Noelle Michelle Nikpour when she was born in Arkansas on an undisclosed date. She is of the white ethnicity and duly holds an American nationality. Her full birth age is not known as she seems quite covet about her personal and her early life. Noelle Nikpour has no shared details about her siblings or her parents neither has she made her educational background known to the media or any reliable source.


Because Noelle has done a good job of keeping her life before she came to fame under wraps, not much is known about her educational qualification. However, considering the fact that she once contested for Congress, it is assumed that she received quality education but has simply chosen to keep the details of where that happened to herself.

Moreso, the track record she has an author, a columnist and a political strategist suggests that she is well-read in the line of what she does.

Who is Noelle Nikpour’s Husband?

Noelle Nikpour is not known to have had much success in her relationships as she has recorded in her career. She is not known to have been married at any point and although she once affirmed that was into a relationship, there has been no shred of evidence whatsoever to substantiate her claims. Apparently, she has been very careful not to disclose any update concerning her love life over the years.

Earlier on in 2012, Noelle Nikpour released a tweet which read “debate party w/my bestie & my bf xoxo”. This drew media attention as fans eagerly awaited more on the said boyfriend but it never came. Many have come to the conclusion that Noelle Nikpour has more enthusiasm for her work than she can muster for relationships.

What is Noelle Nikpour’s Net Worth?

The political consultant and television commentator grew her career through a path of success as one of the most recognized personalities in her multi-dimensional work which is the primary source of her wealth. Noelle Nikpour kicked off her career as an anchor and worked with different channels including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, HLN, as well as radio broadcasts. Going by the basic salary of a News anchor in the US, she makes as much as $58,483 per annum. The years she has put into building her career have no doubt been very profitable. Noelle Nikpour owns a home worth 1.3 million dollars on Edgehill Road.

In a bid to access her net worth, it would be quite shortsighted to work with just her earnings as a media personality considering her multi-dimensional work strength. She has enrolled herself as a fundraiser through which going by FEC records, her 2016 campaign account bagged a huge amount of contribution which amounted to well over $155,000. Her contributors range from Edgehill neighbors, Republican Bud Cummins, and also from Texas.

Her pursuit of the Democrat Patrick Murphy’s open seat in Congress in Florida made her the only female to contest and she was able to get 1 percent of the vote cast as the last-place finish. Although she lost the seat, the attempt grew her political status as well as her presence on television.

Her earnings are further boosted by the proceeds from her published book and the columns she writes. Her book is entitled ‘Branding America: What Does Your Brand Say About You’.

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