This 1000 Year Old African Tree Has A Drinking Bar Inside

Sunland Baobab is the oldest African tree and it is 1000 years old. It is a baobab tree located in South Africa’s Sunland Farm, Limpopo. The most remarkable thing about this tree is not just its age or the fact that it has existed for a full millennium and had survived up to 5 different fires within its trunk which according to carbon dating occurred around these times: 650 AD, 1750–1780, 1900, 1955 and 1990, but the enormous size of its trunk which measures 110 feet.

The inside of its trunk has been naturally hollowed over the numerous years of its existence and has left enough space inside that someone decided to fit a bar inside with a 13 foot high ceiling. The bar can accommodate up to 13 people and has become an unusual landmark in South Africa.


The Sunland Baobab is naturally hollowed out and was not artificially carved out



This oldest African tree has survived up to 5 different fire incidences


Beyond the tiny entrance


Lies a cute little bar, with 13 foot-high ceilings


The bar was created in 1993 by the Van Heerden family.


The massive circumference would take a lot more people to go round it.

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