Who is Pat James Dementri of QVC? Here are Facts You Need To Know

Pat James-Dementri is one of the faces most seen among the hosts for QVC network. Since completing her studies at the Temple University, the host has gained great fame and has built a successful broadcasting career.

The QVC journalist has garnered a good three decades in hosting and is not anywhere close to slowing down. Besides her successful work as a host, she has equally succeeded in her family life as she has built a close-knit relationship with her daughter, Nicole. Find out more about her by reading through this article.

Who is Pat James Dementri of QVC?

Pat James was welcomed into the world by her parents on the 19th day in the month of July 1960 in the US. The names of her parents are not known as she has chosen to keep them off the radar, but from a post she once made on father’s day, it is apparent that her father is currently not in her life. She is an American with a white ethnical background.

Dementri is a native of Catasauqua in Pennsylvania. She was raised alongside her two sisters whose identities are still very much a mystery. Pat, as a growing lad was quite fascinated with music. She earned her first flute while as a fourth grader and by the time she was a 7th grader, she had already gained expertise from joining a band in which she was also a lead majorette. She is a graduate of Temple University from where she bagged a degree in Study Radio and Television and graduated in 1986.

As a student, Pat James Dementri worked as a model and actress with Era Fashion, Zoli Model and Model Management. As a model, she was the brand face for so many magazine covers and also took to campaigns and a few fashion walks. Her modeling career which started in 1978 came to a halt in 1986, shortly after she graduated from college. Meanwhile, in between her modeling gigs that period, Pat made extra cash by working as a retail sales associate in Paraphernalia and Ormond’s.

Pat James Dementri’s days with QVC began to count in 1978 when she joined the network. With over 3 decades and counting with the station, her eclectic personality has seen her grow from being a reporter to an anchor and currently a hostess for QVC; an office she resumed in 2015. Besides her broadcasting skills, Pat has worn the hat of an actress; she appeared as a reporter in the 1998 American action crime thriller film directed by Stuart Baird; U.S Marshals.

Here are Facts You Need To Know

She was Once Married

Pat James Dementri once shared a beautiful marital life with a fellow American broadcast journalist, Vince Dementri. The two met for the first time at Temple University and subsequently kicked off a relationship. Later on, they decided to tie the knot.

Their union produced an adorable daughter named Nicole. While the couple enjoyed what they shared, her husband’s extramarital affair with his married colleague, Lori Delgado caused a rip in their bliss and led to an eventual divorce. Vince and Pat finalized their divorce in 2007.

Her Ex-Husband

Pat’s ex-husband Vince Dementri is quite heady, on countless occasions he has been fired from his place of work as a result of ill behaviors. He was most recently fired from his third job in less than seven years after he got aggressive with his colleague, Garrett Brngr at WICS. As the story goes, the two had a dispute over a parking space and got into a fight from which Garett ended up with a bleeding nose from Vince’s many punches.

Before all that in 2008, Pat James Dementri’s Ex was fired from NBC10 for disturbing the peace of Lori Delgado after their two-year extramarital affair ended. He was reported to have keyed her Lexus, stalked her and hid all kinds of stuff in her desk. Lori laid charges on Vince and he was slapped with an assault charge but was later acquitted.

Vince DeMentri is a Temple University graduate, he kicked off his career as a sports producer for WPVI-TV and has gone ahead t0 work with several other stations. Aside from his quarrelsome attitude, he is quite skilled at his job as a broadcast journalist. In his over 20 years on the job, he has claimed seven Emmys and a pair of Edward R. Murrow awards. Vince is an extremist when it comes to his job; in a bid to gain access to Ground Zero, he impersonated a federal agent during the September 11 attacks and was later arrested.

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Pat Idolizes Her Daugther

Pat James Dementri
Pat James Dementri and Nicole

After her divorce from Vince was finalized, their daughter Nicole was left in the care of her mom who has raised her handsomely and spends a lot of time with her. She often uploads several pictures of their time together on her social media handle. Pat James Dementri once took to Instagram on Nichole’s graduation from high school to rain praises on her. She also appreciated everyone who had contributed to the growth and progress of the child who she calls her greatest blessing in life.


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