Where Is Paula Abdul Now? What Do We Know About Her Husband, Height & Net Worth?

Talent comes from different sources. For spiritualists, talents are innate skills and abilities that were bestowed on an individual by a supernatural being. To certain scientists, talents are nothing more than predetermined abilities due to genetic composition, and to some, nothing more than acquired abilities through hard work and discipline. Whatever the source of one’s talent is, there is no denying that some people seem to have it in abundance while some just do not have any. Paula Abdul is one of the former. She is considered one of the most talented women in America. Her repertoire of talents includes dancing, choreography, singing, and acting and thankfully, Paula Abdul has taken full advantage of her talents to build a life and career worth emulating and celebrating. Learn more about the multi-talented American personality by reading below.

Paula Abdul’s Biography, Age and Ethnicity

Even though her name suggests otherwise, Paula Abdul was born to Jewish parents, Harry Abdul and Lorraine M. Rykiss. She was born in San Fernando, California on the 19th of June, 1962. Harry Abdul, her father is a Syrian Jew who was born in Aleppo, Syria. She is one of the two daughters born to her lovely parents. Her sister is named Wendy.

Perhaps those who consider talent merely a function of hard work and discipline were right because as a prolific dancer, it was performance art that she fell in love with as a child and committed herself to. Right from an early age, Paula began taking ballet, tap and jazz lessons, right up to high school in Van Nuts High School. The dancing did not stop at the dance studio for Paula who was also a cheerleader in her high school. By the time she was 15, she was attracting the attention of dance enthusiasts and experts which got her a scholarship to a dance camp where she continued the development of her talents. Paula Abdul got her first taste of life in front of a camera in 1978 at the age of 16, starring in a musical film, Junior High School.

After graduating from high school in 1980, Paula attended California State University where she studied Broadcasting. Her exceptionalism as a dancer shone forth while she was a freshman in college among 700 candidates as she was selected as part of the cheerleading squad for the Los Angeles Lakers. By her sophomore, the avid dancer was the head choreographer of the group, famously known as the Lakers Girls.

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While she danced and expressed her skills on the court of the LA Lakers, The Jackson 5, the famed music group were taken to her and contracted her to do the choreography for the music video of their single, “Torture” in 1982. Her excellence at her first music choreography led to many other gigs, including going on the Jacksons’ Victory tour as their choreographer.

Not one to rest on her laurels as a choreographer, Paula Abdul used her savings to record her first song and was subsequently signed onto Virgin Records. She released her first album, “Forever Your Girl” in 1988 and it became the most successful debut album in history at the time, reaching an impressive number one at the Billboard 200 and was number one for 10 weeks. It was certified platinum by the RIAA within a year of release. Since her first album, she has released two more studio albums – “Spellbound” (1991) and “Head over Heels” (1995). Her last album is her least selling album with just about 500,000 copies sold.

Since the release of her albums, Paula has dabbled into several other projects including serving as a judge on American Idol and as a reporter for Entertainment Tonight. She also starred in a number of films and television shows which adds to a total of 38 projects, which includes judge roles on shows like The X Factor and Dancing with the Stars.

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The musician has been nominated for several awards in her lifetime, including Grammys, Primetime Emmys, American Music Awards. She has a total of 42 Award nominations and has won 21 of them. Paula Abdul has also been recognized with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

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Paula Abdul and husband Brad Beckerman
Paula Abdul and husband Brad Beckerman (image source)

Paula was in a notable relationship with Jackie Jackson in 1984 and 1987 through to 1989. They however never got married.

Her first marriage was to Emilio Estevez in 1992 and it lasted just two years. She later got married two years after her divorce to Brad Beckerman and the marriage lasted another two years before succumbing to divorce proceedings.

Although she has been the subject of various relationship controversies down the years, she has remained single since her last marriage.

 Where is Paula Abdul Now?

Paula Abdul is still singing. She is currently touring around America performing some of her greatest hits. Even at her age, Paula has proven that the magic still resides with her, and thankfully she continues to share it with us.

Net Worth

Paula Abdul, simply put has had one of the most successful careers a person could have in the American entertainment industry and it reflects in her net worth which is tagged at a whopping $30 million dollars.

Height and weight

Paula Abdul’s career reached heights that many can only dream to attain. If those heights were placed in a physical space, however, she wouldn’t be able to reach it because she stands at a below-average 5 feet 0 inches and weighs just 53 kg.

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