Pavel Kashin – Biography, Life, And Death Of The Russian Composer

Not much is known about the Russian composer; Pavel Kashin’s personal life, however, questions about him have kept on popping up since the death of another Pavel Kashin; a Parkour champion who ironically bears the same name as him. In the light of this, we will shed more light on the Russian composer’s bio and answer some of the questions bothering on his demise or otherwise.

Pavel Kashin’s Biography

Pavel Kashin was born on March 4, 1967, in Kazakh City as Kvasha Pavel Petrovich, he was named after the city of Kostanay. The Russian composer was brought up in the small city of Rudny around Tobol River metropolis in northern Kazakhstan. There are no records of his educational life and this is mostly due to the fact that the composer lives a very private life. From a young age, Pavel took interest in music and began training as an accordionist and Orchestra conductor. There are no records of his mother, however, his father; Pyotr Kvasha was said to be from Russia.

Pavel Kashin wrote music in a mystical way and believed in spectral powers. He titled his first album The magic River and it contained 23 songs after that came In Heavenly Beds, Life (1995), Sunflower (1996) and Hero released in 2001. Pavel Kashin has over 50 songs and 20 albums.

Pavel at a time traveled to America in a bid to achieve fame in his musical career, however, he couldn’t reach his desired heights and ended up relocating back to Russia. Following his return, he collaborated with some Russian musicians and released Euphoria in 1997. Pavel decided to work with music producer Irina Mikloshich and together they released an album titled Utopia which was followed by Atlantis. The duo later produced a classical music which could be referred to as ”Toche” because he implied it was an experiment. The album was titled Ten and wasn’t one of Kashin’s best.

More was yet to come from Pavel Kashin as he dished out albums like Josephine (2005), Imitation of Love (2006), Solntsklesh (2008), Sleepwalker (2008). By the year 2010, the Russian Composer decided to do something out of the ordinary by recording a song with no electronic beats with it. You can imagine how it would sound but nevertheless, he still made good sales of its copies. Similarly, all his songs have been in the Russian language, but true to his nature, he is celebrated worldwide wherever his music is being appreciated.

Life and Death of Pavel Kashin: The Parkour Guru not The Russian Composer

Pavel Kashin russian composer, Pavel Kashin Freerunner
Pavel Kashin, The Russian Composer                                                                   Pavel Kashin, The Parkour Guru

Questions about Pavel’s death became an uproar after he was mistaken to be the Parkour Champion who died in 2013, however, the composer is very much alive. But here is what really happened with the actual dead Pavel Kashin.

Pavel Kashin was a renowned Russian Freerunner who was perfect in his acts. Originally from St. Petersburg, Pavel took the path of being an acrobat or rather in its redefined term a Parkour Guru. If you are wondering what Parkour is, we’ll tell you.

Parkour is a technique taught in the military for easy jumping, rolling or leaping over objects within the quickest time. Pavel being adventurous went extreme and was able to take the darnedest steps involved in Parkour.

The Parkour hero died in July 2013 while making one of the deadliest moves in his craft. To make the particular act even more dangerous, he chose a three-foot wide ledge rooftop which was surely his second mistake because while attempting to do a backflip, he missed a step and fell to his death.

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The distance he fell to from the top of the building where he tried to do the trick from was estimated to be a distance of 200 feet. This has been termed one of the greatest falls in history. His last moments were captured by his friends who were his cheerleaders and upon his death, they wrote a tribute referring to him as the bravest of them all.

Cautiously, his parents agreed to upload videos of their son’s accident on the internet in order to create an awareness especially to those who practice the act without safety clothing.  Many who have watched the video of his death think it should be added to the Fox series 1000 Ways to Die.

Pavel Kashin the Russian Composer is still very much alive and kicking with the rest of us. The story about his death should be taken as that of a mistaken identity where he shares the same name with another of his countryman who was popular in his act till his death and even after his death.

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