10 Most Popular African Dance Moves That Are Mind Blowing

African dance has transformed over the years with African music. The traditional African dance is gradually making way for more modern dance moves. Dance in general is the art of expression with coordinated body movement which aim to serve the purpose of communication. In various parts of the globe, such transformation seems to be the order of the day with some simple and funny dance moves sweeping across the globe like wild-fire as seen in the Gangnam Style dance steps. In Africa, the African dance transformation seem to be spearheaded by the West African countries. Answers Africa brings you 8 of the most famous African dance steps.

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10. Galala Dance

The Galala dance was highly associated with ghetto to the point that it became the official dance in every Nigerian ghetto community. This African dance style was highly promoted by prominent Nigerian acts who happen to be an offspring of the ghetto community. Some of the most popular musicians that are associated with Galala dance include notable acts like Daddy Showkey, African China and Baba Fryo.

9. Suo Dance

The suo dance was another African dance that made waves across Africa especially the west. The Suo gradually substituted the makossa dance which paved way for its entrance into the Nigerian entertainment scenario. The suo dance was largely ignited by African musicians like Danfo Drivers (mad melon and mountain black), Marvelous Benjy among others. The moves involved in a typical Suo dance involves the lowering of the waist and the pulling and stretching hand movement as may be likened to someone about to start a generator set.

8. Bobaraba  Dance

Bobaraba Dance originated from Ivory Coast. It is otherwise regarded as “big bottom” dance that was popularized by DJ Mix and DJ Eloh’s hit song Bobaraba

7. Hlokoloza Dance 

Hlokoloza dance originated from South Africa. Kwaito artist Arthur Mafokate, introduced ‘Hlokoloza’ to Africa and the world. Put in his words, “Hlokoloza is a variation on several township dances put together with a bit of the ‘Hlokoloza’ swag.” Hlokoloza in its current form debuted in 2011 but has taken South Africa by storm with its patrons characteristically South African chant of ‘Ayo-yo!!’.

6. Yahoozee

Yahooze dance moves hit the stage and made its waves however, Yahoozee dance style had some negative attachments since it was alleged to be a dance style founded by the yahoo boys (internet scammers and fraudsters). The African dance style was quite popular after the release of the song that introduced it. Nigerian singer, Olu Maintain adopted this dance style as a trade mark for his hit song and re-packaged yahoozee into a brand name. The dance virtually contains a lot of hand movements (pointing up with style) while the feet remain rather stationary or is just merely tapping on the floor.