Understanding The Height of Fame Robert Pattinson Achieved With Twilight and Who He Is Dating Now

Robert Pattinson needs no introduction as the British-born actor is one of the most famous stars of his generation. This is thanks to his role as the pasty-faced/broody vampire, Edward Cullen, who falls in love with a mere human in The Twilight series. The series, comprising of five movies in total, catapulted Pattinson and his co-stars to global stardom. The Brit became so popular that he even has an asteroid named after him. Not even the likes of Clooney and Brad Pitt can boast of such feat!

Even while filming The Twilight series and afterward, Pattinson made uncountable appearances in other productions, which further proved his prowess as a screen god. The famed actor has an active love life that never fails to interest the public who are always clamoring to find out more about this handsome bloke of English origin.

Robert Pattinson Went From Modeling to Acting

Growing up in London, Robert Pattinson commenced his professional career as a model at the age of 12 through the help of his mom, who worked for a modeling agency. He modeled until the age of 16 when his gigs dried up. At this stage, Pattinson, who had always loved watching American movies, decided to try acting.

He joined an amateur theatre company in his local community. Initially, the upcoming star worked as a backstage staff but later started getting parts. His very first play was the musical Guys and Dolls. Robert Pattinson appeared in several stage productions until he got his debut movie role at the age of 18. This was in the 2004 film, Vanity Fair.

The very next year, he got his big break when he was cast as head boy, Cedric Diggory, in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. The role propelled him to the spotlight, with many declaring him the Brit to watch out for in Hollywood. This prophecy proved true four years later when Pattinson defeated 3000 other actors (including Henry Cavill) to land the life-changing role of Cullen on Twilight.

The Famed Actor Became A Screen God On The Set of Twilight

Robert Pattinson’s success story earned him a place on the set of Twilight in 2008, essaying the character of Edward Cullen. According to reports from The Sun, he was just 22 at that time. When the movie eventually came to light on the 21st of November 2008, Robert became a movie superstar overnight. The movie’s sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which came the next year precisely on the 20th of November 2009, amassed record-breaking proceeds of $142,839,137, just for the opening weekend with a worldwide overall run of $709,827,462. With his part in the film, Pattinson embraced global stardom, establishing him as one of the highest-earning actors of his time.

The producers of Twilight still went on to release a third film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which landed on the 30th of June 2010 with a global earning of $698,491,347; Pattinson’s performance here received praises from several tabloids. The Twilight series continues with Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, where he reprised his role as Edward Cullen. The release date for this sequel was on the 18th of November 2011, with earnings of $705,058,657 at the global box office.

The final installment of the Twilight saga, which came on the 16th of November 2012, was entitled The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, with Robert still reprising the role of Edward Cullen. This particular installment earned pride of place as the highest-grossing film in the Twilight series, with an astounding $829 million as global proceeds. All in all, The Twilight series was a blockbuster, grossing over $3 billion at the box office. Thus, the English actor walked into legend with his performance in the saga, a feat which has only been achieved by few people in the history of the entertainment industry.

Pattinson Still Appeared In Other Productions Even While Filming Twilight Series

While the Twilight series was on-going, Pattinson was also appearing in other productions like How to Be – a 2008 drama movie by Oliver Irving. He starred in the movie Little Ashes, as Salvador Dalí, and also came in a starring role on the set of the short film, The Summer House.

In addition to playing a starring role in Remember Me in 2010, Robert Pattinson functioned as its executive producer. The next year, he joined the cast of Water for Elephants, starring as Jacob Jankowski and also came in the movie adaptation of the 1885 novel Bel Ami in 2012, breathing life into the character of Georges Duroy. The film adaptation of Cosmopolis gave him a starring role, where his performance was described as sensational.

Some of His Movie Credits Since Twilight

Since the glory days of Twilight, Robert Pattinson has also appeared in other movies such as The Rover, which premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. In the movie, he shared the screen with the likes of Scoot McNairy and Guy Pearce. That same year, he depicted the character of a limo driver, Jerome Fontana, in the satirical drama Maps to the Stars, and in 2015, he had two of his movies premiered at 65th Berlin International Film Festival.

First, he showed up as T. E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence Of Arabia, in Werner Herzog’s adaptation of the biopic film Queen of the Desert by Gertrude Bell. Next was his role in Life as Dennis Stock – a photographer for Life Magazine. Towards the end of 2015, he shared the screen with Stacy Martin and Bérénice Bejo on the set of The Childhood of a Leader. The next year saw him as part of the cast of The Lost City of Z – an adaptation by Plan B Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, where he played the role of British explorer Corporal Henry Costin.

Other productions he has appeared in include Good Time, Fear & Shame in 2017, Damsel, and High Life in 2018. His most recent effort are 2019 The Lighthouse, The King also in 2019, and Waiting for the Barbarians. Robert Pattinson is expected to appear in upcoming productions like The Devil All the Time, Tenet, The Batman, and The Stars at Noon.

Robert Pattinson Has Garnered a Net Worth of $100

Needless to mention that being involved in a commercially successful series like the Twilight Saga positively impacted on Robert Pattinson’s financial status. The series alone grossed over $3 billion on a global scale, and Pattinson’s cut from the proceeds will be more than substantial. The last two installments alone made him 25 million richer.

With his earnings from acting and other endeavors that include music, writing, and production, the English actor ranks amongst the richest young celebs in Britain. He has a net worth of $100 million as of the last review. His source of wealth keeps increasing by the day as he bags juicy endorsement deals. Thanks to his good looks, Pattinson is the toast of several designer brands. He has served as an ambassador for Dior Homme fragrance, as well as their menswear.

Pattinson has used his wealth and time to support several charities. One of the projects close to his heart is the GO Campaign. The campaign seeks to help orphans and at-risk children all around the world.

He Has Had His Fair Share of Girlfriends in the Past

The Twilight star has never been married. He has, however, been involved in some high profile romances. In 2009, he and his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart, decided to move their epic love story to real life. They, however, kept it secret to avoid more publicity in addition to the crazed spotlight they were already getting.

Robert Pattinson
Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: image source

Their relationship lasted till 2012 when Stewart cheated on him with Rupert Sanders. The cheating scandal garnered considerable attention, with many (including Donald Trump) weighing in on the matter. Pattinson, however, forgave Stewart, and they recommenced their relationship in October 2012. Their romance ended for good in May 2013.

Robert Pattinson thereafter commenced a relationship with fellow Brit, FKA Twigs. Twigs is a successful singer and songwriter. They started dating in September 2014 and got engaged in 2015. The couple, however, did not make it to the altar as they broke up in 2017. The breakup was attributed to distance and career demands. Even before Twigs, Robert dated Katy Perry for a while before they went their separate ways.

Robert Pattinson Is Currently Dating Suki Waterhouse

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse: image source

Since his break up with Twigs, the famed actor has been enjoying a fulfilled love life with model Suki Waterhouse. Though they deliberately omitted to confirm their relationship status in time, the couple was openly affectionate with each other in public and was caught on camera kissing and caressing on several occasions. Their names were first linked on the 30th of July 2018 when they were captured kissing in the streets of London.

The couple even spent Suki’s 27th birthday and Robert’s 33rd birthday together. Earlier in September 2019, a picture of the duo cuddled together, captioned, “Ibiza, 2019” was shared on Instagram by photographer Sofia Malamute, which according to speculations, was shared with Suki’s permission since she is one of Sophia’s followers.

After months of keeping their relationship under wraps, Robert Pattinson, and his lady love decided to come open, confirming their dalliance in January 2020. The couple, who had sparked engagement rumors after Suki was spotted wearing an engagement ring at the beginning of 2020, confirmed that they are quarantining together in the London apartment rented for Robert by the Batman folks.

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