Rory Farquharson – Bio, Parents And Net Worth of Malia Obama’s Boyfriend

One downside of being in the limelight is that your life suddenly becomes everyone’s business. The media will stop at nothing to dig up details about your personality; not sparing the number of your teeth. They will not only follow your activities but also that of the people connected to you. And that’s exactly how Rory Farquharson comes into the picture. Malia Obama, the older of former US president, Barack Obama’s two daughters are morphing into an adult pretty fast and is certain to have a man in her life. The world waited in anticipation and finally, we have a name.

Rory Farquharson is a British student who joined Harvard University’s class of 2020 in 2017; the same school Malia currently attends. The two were first spotted in the fall of 2017, in a widely publicized video clip. The clip captured the moment when Malia wrapped her arms around Rory before going in for a kiss. It was probably the first public display of affection by the couple, but it wouldn’t be the last.

They have been sighted again and again, in Mayfair in London, on the streets of Harvard University campus, and more recently, they were seen shopping together in New York City. The pair, who share the same age, first “ran into each other” at an Ivy League school in Cambridge. Although they haven’t revealed how long they’ve been dating, they’ve been making headlines since 2016. Folks have been clamoring to know this mystery guy who caught the fancy of the former president’s daughter. So, who exactly is Rory Farquharson?

Biography of Rory Farquharson – Malia Obama’s Boyfriend

Rory Farquharson was born in 1998, into a British aristocratic family. He attended the prestigious Rugby high school and in 2015, he was selected as “head of school”; a post he held from 2015-2016. Sources reveal that while at Rugby, Rory was extremely popular and “quite the catch”. Rugby was his major sport in school.

Rory featured alongside Prince Harry in a rugby video released during the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony in 2015. He also represented the school in golf and was a member of the school’s chemistry club called Blue Bunsen Society. Long story short, Rory was the brilliant type in school. He has also spent one summer serving as an intern at the Center for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland. It’s stated purpose is to uphold and share the values and principles of democracy in order to build peace, stability, and reconciliation. He also has a close association with the Royals as his second cousin Andrew Farquharson serves as Assistant Master of the Queen’s Household.

His Parents

His father, Charles Farquharson is the Chief Executive of Insight Investment Management Limited (IIML) London while his mother, Catherine Farquharson is an accountant who serves with London’s Upper Tribunal. Growing up, Rory lived in with his family in the luxurious neighborhood of Wood bridge, Suffolk. He is currently studying law at Harvard University and hopes to work in the banking sector like his father.

Net Worth

Rory seems to be pursuing his education full time and hasn’t been known to start any venture of his own just yet. However, he sure is basking in his parents’ net worth and there is no doubt that when the time is right, he would make his own fortune.

Relationship with Malia Obama

Rory Farquharson
Rory Farquharson and Malia Obama

Rory is confirmed to be in a relationship with the daughter of former US president, Barack Obama. Sources say that the two have been dating since late 2016 and have only gotten closer since Malia’s time at Harvard. The two first met at an Ivy League school in Cambridge back in 2016 and have been spotted together time and again.

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Barack Obama told radio station WDCG he’s pretty relaxed about his daughters dating. This is mostly because Michelle Obama is such a great example to them with how she carries herself, her self-esteem, not depending on boys to validate how she looks or not letting herself be judged by anything other than her character and intelligence, and also because they have the Secret Service for protection.

Body Measurements

Rory Farquharson stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and 1 inch, which matches the sport he plays so well; rugby. He weighs 165 lbs (75 kg), has brown eyes and wears dark-brown hair.


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