Rosa Salazar
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With the advent of social media which has enabled direct contact between fans and celebrities, authenticity and rawness are the preferred personality traits of Hollywood actors and actresses. This has opened the door for fascinating personalities like Rosa Salazar to rise quickly through the ranks. Thanks to her popular personality on various social media platforms, this Rosa has been able to gain the exposure she needs to thrive as an actress.

Owing to the fact that she has been brave enough to let the world in beyond the veil of illusion that Hollywood creates, Rosa has been able to connect with fans in a way that has made it easy for her to become a box office attraction, let’s learn more about her.

Rosa Salazar Bio (Age and Ethnicity)

Depending on who you ask, Rosa’s birth location differs. Her Wikipedia page says she was born in Washington DC while an MTV dossier on the star actress says she was born in Canada. The confusion is part of the air of mystery and drama that Rosa has revealed as integral parts of her personality.

Regardless of the drama surrounding her birth location, Rosa Salazar is universally agreed to have been born on the 16th of July in 1985; she was raised in a town in Maryland, Greenbelt. The mystery continues with her parents whose identities are unknown, with the only clue to her parents’ identity being her own ethnicity as a Cuban, suggesting that at least one of her parents is of Cuban heritage.

For Rosa Salazar, the art was an outlet for her hyperactive nature. Right from her days as a child, she took part in different forms of performative arts until she fell in love with acting and decided to pursue it as a career. At the age of 15, Rosa started making acting her primary focus, attending auditions and taking acting classes. As she grew more confident in her abilities, she headed for one of America’s home of the Arts, New York City. In New York, she met the producers of one of web entertainment’s most popular contents, CollegeHumor. With CollegeHumor, she worked on several sketches, sharpening her comedic and acting skills. After some months working with CollegeHumor, she took things further and relocated to Los Angeles in other to intensify her pursuit of a career in acting.

After relocating in 2009, she got her first starring role in an onscreen project in 2011 – a television show, Law & Order: LA. She guest starred as Yolanda in an episode of the show. With her first TV credit, Rosa was more resolved in her conviction of becoming an established actress, and it soon came to pass. After Law & Order, she starred in American Horror Story: Murder House.

Rosa Salazar grew her career further on television after getting cast as Zoe DeHaven in Parenthood, one of her more popular roles. She starred in 13 episodes of the show in the span of a year.

Since then, she has starred in other shows like Body of Proof and Ben and Kate. She got her big break in the big screen in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, the young adult adventure trilogy. Although she got her feature film popularity through Maze Runner, her debut film role was in The Divergent Series: Insurgent. She also starred in Night Owls.

Rosa Salazar
Rosa Salazar as Alita (image source)

Rosa has starred in other films like Submerged, CHiPs, Search Party, and is the lead actor in the 2019 film Battle Angel: Alita. So far in her career, she has starred in 15 films and 23 television shows.

Her Family – Husband and Kids

As mentioned earlier, Rosa Salazar has not exactly been open about her roots so the identity of her family members has remained largely unknown.

At the moment, it appears the popular Parenthood actress is still enjoying her life as a single woman building her career in a highly competitive industry. She is not known to be dating anyone and she has no kids.

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Rosa Salazar’s Height

Rosa Salazar is an attractive woman whose beauty combined with her personality, makes her one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. She stands at 5 feet and 6 inches with her bust, waist, and hips respectively measuring 33, 25, and 35 inches.

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