What is Rosa Salazar best Known for What Do We Know About Her Personal Life?

With the advent of social media which has enabled direct contact between fans and celebrities, authenticity and rawness are the preferred personality traits of Hollywood actors and actresses. This has opened the door for fascinating personalities like Rosa Salazar to rise quickly through the ranks. Thanks to her popularity on various social media platforms, Rosa has been able to gain the exposure she needs to thrive as an actress.

Owing to the fact that she has been brave enough to let the world in beyond the veil of illusion that Hollywood creates, Rosa has been able to connect with fans in a way that has made it easy for her to become a box office attraction, let’s learn more about her.

What is Known About the Actress’ Background

Once upon a time and depending on who you ask, Rosa’s birth location differs. Her Wikipedia page has it that she was born in Washington DC while an MTV dossier on the star actress says she was born in Canada. The confusion is part of the air of mystery and drama that Rosa has revealed as integral parts of her personality. Anyways, it is now clear that she was truly birthed in Canada

Regardless of the drama that once surrounded her birth location, Rosa Salazar is universally agreed to have been born on the 16th of July in 1985; she was raised in a town in Maryland, Greenbelt. The mystery continues with her parents whose identities are unknown. At some point, the only clue to her parents’ identity was the actress’ ethnicity as a Cuban, suggesting that at least one of her parents is of Cuban heritage. This is no longer so as people have come to learn that Rosa, is of French and Peruvian descent.

Growing up, Rosa Salazar was a very active kid. She once disclosed that she “could not shut up” and that acting was a way for her to let out the energy.

She Started Taking Acting Serious when She was 15

In one of the many interviews Rosa has had, the actress disclosed that acting has always been a part of her. She told We Got This Covered that she was a weirdo who wouldn’t stop making faces in her room. Rosa said she was always practicing emotions like excitement, anger, and crying.

So, for Rosa Salazar, the art was an outlet for her hyperactive nature. Right from her days as a child, she took part in different forms of performing arts until she fell in love with acting and decided to pursue it as a career.

At the age of 15, Rosa started making acting her primary focus, attending auditions, and taking acting classes. As she grew more confident in her abilities, she headed for one of America’s home of the Arts, New York City. In New York, she met the producers of one web entertainment’s most popular content, CollegeHumor. With CollegeHumor, she worked on several sketches, sharpening her comedic and acting skills. After some months of working with CollegeHumor, Rosa took things further and relocated to Los Angeles in other to intensify her pursuit of a career in acting.

Gaining Relevance with American Horror Story and Parenthood

The Peruvian-American actress appeared as a Dog Walker in an episode of the web series Old Friends; this was in 2010. From that year to 2012, she played various characters in 13 episodes of CollegeHumor. Her career took a positive turn when she relocated as she was seen as Yolanda in an episode of the popular police procedural and legal drama television series Law & Order: LA.

Also in 2011, Rosa Salazar played Odetta in a television movie titled Little Brother. Nonetheless, the role that mattered was being Nurse Maria in four episodes of the first season of FX horror anthology television series, American Horror Story: Murder House. Playing a student nurse that was murdered and a ghost that assisted in the delivery of twin babies endeared her to viewers and popularized her name in the competitive industry.

If Murder House popularized her name, Parenthood ensured it didn’t fade away. Rosa played Zoe DeHaven in 13 episodes of the family comedy-drama television series. All of these marked the genesis of the journey towards her big break as she became a part of various projects meant for both the small and big screens in the years that followed.

Rosa Salazar is now best Known for Alita: Battle Angel

With her first TV credit, Rosa was more resolved in her conviction of becoming an established actress, and it soon came to pass. She grew her career further on television after getting cast in Parenthood. Since then, she has starred in other shows like Body of Proof and Ben and Kate.

She got her big break in the big screen in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. Although she got her feature film popularity through Maze Runner, her first significant film role was in The Divergent Series: Insurgent. She also starred in Night Owls. And these were all in 2015.

Rosa Salazar
Rosa Salazar as Alita in attle Angel: Alita (image source)

Subsequently, Rosa starred in other popular films like Submerged, CHiPs, Bird Box, The Kindergarten Teacher, and Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Nevertheless, none of the foregoing earned her the attention she got for being the lead actor in the 2019 film Battle Angel: Alita.

The role earned her a nomination for Imagen Award’s Best Actress in a Feature Film. For the actress, playing Alita is very significant for her. Being her first major lead role and a unique one, she hopes it would inspire young Latinos to be relentless in the pursuit of their goals.

Speaking about the role, Rosa Salazar told Hollywood Reporter that she is always grateful when she hired as a Latin woman, especially when her identity doesn’t have anything to do with the role she plays.

A Look at the Love Life of the Actress

At the moment, it appears the popular Parenthood actress is enjoying her life as a single woman building her career in a highly competitive industry. She is not known to be dating anyone and she has no kids.

But then, she has so far been romantically linked to a fellow named Isacc Hilleger and Sam Setzer. While it is hard to tell anything about the former or even authenticate if he truly dated the actress, the later is an up-and-coming actor known for 2019’s In That Other Fantasy (Where We Lived Forever).

Reports have it that Sam and Rosa dated sometime in 2018 for just a month. Details of the relationship are hard to come but it is known that Sam had to get a restraining order against Rosa after they parted ways.

TMZ reported that an intoxicated Rosa showed up at Sam’s house around midnight, rang his doorbell, and made a scene that woke his neighbors. She also threatened to stress his life up but Sam was granted the restraining order that keeps her 100 yards away from him.


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