Ryan Marie Carney – Bio, Family, Facts About Stipe Miocic Wife

It is rather not easy to adapt to fame especially when one has been on the hideouts for a very long time. Ryan Marie Carney earned a spot of the fame list after she became the wife of the famous UFC champion Stipe Miocic. Although, with her current habit of hiding basic facts about herself, it seems like she is not one who loves to be put on the spotlight.

Prior to her union with Stipe, she was one lady who worked as a cosmetology trainer at two different schools while simultaneously training as a hairstylist. She swerved into building a nursing career after she married the UFC Champ. Ryan is currently a practicing nurse and mother.  Follow us as we tell you more about her.

Ryan Marie Carney – Bio

Despite being pushed to fame through her marital union, Ryan Marie Carney still maintains the fact that she is no talker. She is quite a private person whose basic informations are readily not available to the public. In fact, there is a paucity of information regarding her birth details, however, if we may take a guess, she would certainly be counted as one of the celebrity wives who have managed to maintain their looks despite nature transformation.

Also, there are no details of her formative years, likewise, none exists that pertains to her educational accomplishments. She is just one lady who has chose to live her life away from paparazzi and cameras. On her husband’s part, Stipe Miocic didn’t have a choice than to be pulled to fame what with his involvements as an MMA fighter. Thrice, he has defended his belt during different challenges and in his free time is a community firefighter. He is of Croatian heritage.


Ab initio, Ryan Marie Carney was a hairstylist apprentice before she finally took up a job with Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and Normandy High School, working as the cosmetology instructor. Her career choice diverted and she began training as a nurse at Cuyahoga Community College.

Sources say that her change in carer was influenced by her husband’s occupation. She often times publicly spoke about her fears with his injuries any time he fights. So in a bid to attend adequately to her husband, she became a nurse. Ryan’s words about her change in career been related to her husband’s occupation are no jokes as she accompanied him to a fight in Brazil in order to be available in case of any injuries. Till date, she practices as a nurse.


Just like she has concealed the details of her life, she has also kept the details of her immediate family under lock and key. Ryan Marie Carney has never spoken about her parents or if she has any siblings of any sort. Currently, the only information regarding her family is that she has a brother who introduced her to her now-husband. Thus, Ryan Marie just didn’t just fall out of the sky.

Ryan Marie Carney
Ryan Marie Carney and Stipe Miocic

Well, as per her love life, she is madly in love with the UFC Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. The duo met sometime in January 2013 after her brother; a firefighter introduced her to Miocic. Soon, they ignited their love flame and started dating. They dated for three years before officiating their union in June 2016. Meanwhile, the UFC Champ couldn’t hide his joy and expressed his feelings on his social media stating he was about to marry his best friend. They had an elaborate wedding which had firefighters, friends, family and colleagues in attendance.

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Two years after their union, Stipe took to social media announcing that they were expecting their first child. He subsequently uploaded a picture of Ryan’s baby bump as well as the sex of their unborn child. Exactly on the 24th of June, 2018, their adorable baby girl, Meelah grace joined the family. More so, the UFC Champ couldn’t hide his joy by telling the world that Meelah Claire Miocic was born on a Wednesday at 1:50 p.m, weighing 8 pounds and 9 ounces.

Facts About Stipe Miocic’s Wife 

  • In as much as Ryan Marie Carney has chosen to stay off the spotlight, that hasn’t stopped her from airing her views about her husband’s stagnancy in the UFC. She has often taken to several platforms criticizing the organization’s activities and requesting her husband deserves a promotion. Also, lovers of the UFC fighter have also taken to her messages expressing their support for her every move.
  • Ryan is quite active on social media, however, she has taken to just uploading several pictures of her family, dog and fun acts on social media.


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