Ryan Upchurch- Biography, Net Worth, Wife And Other Interesting Facts

Just like it is widely said, ‘music is the food of the soul’, it is a powerful weapon which can overpower any pain. Music has in every way been the remedy of most hurts and has been a source of soul upliftment. In the past, most musical gigs were only recorded on tapes or CDs in order to get to different doorsteps, however, the 21st century has regenerated music with its availability on social media and Ryan Upchurch who is a talented singer is one who has used the platform of social media to his advantage. He is quite famous with his works on his YouTube channel; Upchurch the Redneck. His fanbase has increased through the constant release of his works on YouTube. He has no less than two albums under his belt, they are; Cheatam County and Heart of America.

Ryan Upchurch Biography

Ryan Upchurch was born on the 24th of May, 1991 at Nashville, Tennessee, he grew up in a middle-class family alongside his brother, Austen. In as much as the YouTube singer has given the details of his family and birth to the public, he has succeeded in concealing the facts about his formative years and his educational details.

Just before Ryan found love with music, he was initially captivated with various shades, shapes, and forms of automobiles. He took a keen interest with cars and often times uploads pictures of them on his social media platform. Later in life, Ryan Upchurch alongside his friend Shade Glover created a YouTube channel; Upchurch the Redneck and started to upload several videos of comedy gigs on the channel.

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It looked like comedy wasn’t selling out for them so he then went into music and released his first EP, Cheatham County in 2015, and in 2016, his album; Heart of America followed. The albums received rave reviews and both took a seat on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. More so, Heart of America sold over 1,300 copies the very first week it was released.

Meanwhile, Ryan Upchurch had already garnered a solid web presence with his hick-hop and comedy videos, so creating a fan base wasn’t really a big deal. Sitting on that fame, he went ahead to release another song, Where It All Went Down; a modern country number where Upchurch sang rather than rhymed. The song later appeared on a six-song extended play of his vocals stylings, Summer Love, released in May 2017.

Today, the Nashville native boasts of above a million YouTube subscribers and a successful clothing line RHEC, which is named after his break-out single; Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread. Ryan’s influences reach the far corners of the internet: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in particular, where he shares regular updates on his personal life and his rising career.


Ryan Upchurch and wife

Ryan Upchurch dated his girlfriend, Brianna Vanvleet in 2015; a relationship that was heavily publicized. Throughout his relationship with the lady, the singer couldn’t contend how he felt, he often times tweets about his feelings for her and how he hopes to settle with hers someday and also have kids.

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Unfortunately, trouble began in paradise for the duo and what they shared became sour. Thus, they eventually called it quits.

Net Worth

Ryan Upchurch’s involvement with music and Youtube is basically his main stream of income. He also runs a clothing line that has helped him top his earning. Estimations are that Ryan earns not less than $62,000 annually. Should he keep up at his current pace, Ryan would no doubt make it to the millionaire’s club soon.

Other Facts

• Ryan is a lover of tattoos. He has lots of tattoos on his body and has been quite creative with most of their arts.

• Following his break-up which he spoke about often online especially on Twitter where he posted a couple of sad tweets, Ryan later stated publicly that he is focused on his musical career and building a life for himself.

• Well, we are quite sure that Ryan didn’t lose his relationship because of his looks. He is quite a charming young man who stands at 6 feet tall. His athletic build is proof that he sure hits the gym at will.

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