Samantha Bee – Inside the Life of ‘Full Frontal’ Comedian and Presenter

We have over the decades seen various brands of humor and personalities who have walked the ropes. One of the formidable forces in the world of comedy is no other than the iconic Samantha Bee of the Daily Show who now runs her own television show on TBS channel. She is a Canadian-American political commentator, comedienne, actor and television show personality and host. Let’s find more facts about the all-around TV star.

Who is Samantha Bee?

She was born on October 1969 in Toronto, Canada, to Debra and Ronald Bee but sadly her parents went their separate ways immediately she was born, thus, thrusting the task of her upbringing to her grandmother who was a secretary in a Catholic School located at  Roncesvalles Avenue, an elementary school that Samantha also attended.

Samantha Bee has Irish, French and English ancestry as her roots are traced to them. She admitted in an interview that at an early age she was always forced to listen to News daily – a trait that stuck with her and encouraged her later in life to mine a trade from that aspect.

She proceeded to Humberside Collegiate Institute and York Memorial Collegiate Institute where she finished up her high school education. After which she got admission into McGill University where she applied to study Humanities but transferred to the University of Ottawa after one year for Theater course. She also went to George Brown Theatre School in Toronto, Canada.

Her interests and works in the entertainment industry picked up in 2003 after she made tangible progress in her chosen career with her appointment as the only female correspondence into the famous comic news satirical late-night show Daily Show where she put up laudable performances in her handling political and social trendy issues.

From thereon, she made various appearances in over 20 television series and shows such as the ‘Ham I am’ in 2001, ‘Bored To Death’ in 2009-2010, ‘Law and Order’ in 2010 and recently she is still on ‘The Detour’ (2016 till 2018) and still runs her own personal television weekly segment ‘Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’ on TBS channel which she started up in 2016.

Furthermore, she has been nominated and awarded quite a few awards such as the Primetime Emmy Nominations, Canadian Comedy Awards, MTV Movies, and Television awards and Gold Derby Awards to mention but a few.

She went home from the list of nominations not less than 10 different awards from various categories for her laudable achievements in the entertainment industry such as the ‘Best Performance By a Female’ at the Canadian Comedy awards {The Daily Show (2005) and Cooper’s Camera (2009)}, ‘Best Variety Performer’ at Gold Derby Awards in 2015, ‘Outstanding Writing for Variety Special’ at The Primetime Emmy awards in 2017 and the list goes on.

Samantha Bee is a wonderful mother of 2 daughters; Piper Bee-Jones born in 2006, Ripley Bee-Jones born in 2010 and a son, Fletcher Bee-Jones who was born in 2008 whom she shares with her amiable husband, actor Jason Jones.

The talented producer and television show host is one of the few celebrities who married the only person they ever got involved with romantically. She has been reported to have only dated Jason Jones since 1996 after they met before they later got married him in 2001 and ever since they have been enjoying their married life.

Their relationship is an inspiration as they sometimes work on her projects together, and they both serve as watchdogs for their trade while bonding as a family in the process.

Samantha Bee
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Jason Jones is also a Canadian who was born on 3rd June 1973 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He was also a correspondent in the satiric The Daily Show after joining in 2005 till 2016 when he and wife launched their own show The Detour in 2016.

The family got naturalized in the year 2014 and are now full-fledged citizens of the United States of America.

Samantha launched a Nasty Woman Campaign that raised about $1 million, a fund she used to support the ‘Planned Parenthood’ in 2017. Moreso, she has authored about 4 books from 2004 and 2017 one of which is ‘I Know I Am, But What Are You?’ (2010).

Here are 5 Fascinating Facts You Need To Know

There are still many interesting details about this multi-talented writer, comedienne, and actress we still wish to unveil read on below to get 5 facts about this amazing personality.

1. She Has Interviewed Notable Persons On Her Show

She had the singular honor of bringing and interviewing the former US president, Barack Obama on her show. She also covered the satiric aspect of the US general presidential campaigns and elections in 2004.

2. Her Net Worth

Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Samantha Bee net worth has seen a great increase since her days in The Daily Show and her full involvement in films and many television series. She has seen a progression in her net worth which is now valued at $7 million.

3. Height and Weight

She was listed among the 100 influential personalities in the world with her blonde colored hair. Samantha Bee stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m) while she weighs 63 kilograms (138.9 lb) which is not a bad height for a female entertainer.

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4. Samantha Bee’s Inspiration/Influences

She has given kudos to Jon Stewart as her main inspiration for the brand of humor she now offers. she also fingered Joan Rivers, Mary Tyler Moore among others as her influence.

5. Controversies and Bad Vibes

Samantha Bee has been quite critical of some of Donald Trump’s policies and administration and she has also taken her swing at his daughter Ivanka Trump whom she called a ‘feckless cunt’ – a comment that attracted several condemnations online which made her withdraw her comment and tender an unreserved apology to the First Daughter of the United States.


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