Sarah Snyder – Bio, Age, Parents, Facts About The Model 

Only a few people can boast of feuding with a Kardashian and coming away largely unscathed. If there is one person who definitely belongs to this category, it is Sarah Snyder. Snyder is an American model as well as a social media influencer. She is also better known as the former flame of popular musician and actor, Jaden Smith. The duo enjoyed a sizzling two-year relationship before uncoupling in 2017. So, what caused their divorce and how did a Kardashian get into the mix? All these and more will be revealed below.

Sarah Snyder Bio (Age)

Sarah Irene Snyder was born on the 30th of July 1995 in New York. Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. The media personality has not revealed specific details about her early childhood or educational history. It is however understood that she grew up in the Big Apple before moving to California to further her professional career. With regards to her career, Sarah Snyder is a professional as well as an Instagram model. She is signed to Re: Quest Model Management and has done photoshoots for hair and makeup brand, Mary Gordon Beauty. The New York native has also featured in campaigns for high-end brands such as Uniqlo and Calvin Klein. Additionally, Snyder has been invited to fashion shows organized by designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

Sarah Snyder has also utilized the power of the internet to boost her modeling career. Her glossy and sassily-titled Instagram account, sarahfuckingsnyder, is filled with pouty selfies, hot bikini photos and outfits of the day (OOTDs). These OOTDs normally comprise of highly coveted items such as vintage Harley Davison T-shirts, Gucci tops, ETC. Snyder expertly captures all this in the most millennial way possible, a bathroom selfie. The New Yorker has grown to become one of the most popular models on Instagram with not less than 1.7 million followers.

Asides from modeling, the multi-talented Snyder is also a budding actress. She has featured in several movies, most of the horror persuasion. They include Skeleton Key 2, Scarlet Rain, Greencastle, Dead Woman’s Hollow, and Night of the Living Dead: Genesis. Scarlet Rain is a horror film about a group of children who discover a change in their lives when their storybook tales inspire them to view their parents and neighbors in a whole new light. In the movie, Snyder played the role of one of such children named Dotty.

Sarah Snyder
Snyder with her Ex, Jaden Smith Image Source


Sarah Snyder has not disclosed specific details about her parents’ names or any potential siblings that she may have. However, her parents have been known to be supportive in times of trouble. For instance, in June 2015, the model was arrested by the Bedford County police and charged with larceny. She was accused of stealing a Hermes bag, worth thousands of dollars, from a New York shopping center. Snyder denied the allegations and produced time-stamped plane tickets, pictures and cell phone records to establish her innocence. She also provided her credit card statement, an affidavit sworn by her father, as well as pictures of herself at her dad’s home on the day of the theft. Despite all these, Snyder spent several hours in a holding cell before she could post bail. The charges were later dropped and the ever-sassy Snyder posted a selfie of herself wearing a t-shirt with her mug shot emblazoned on it.


Snyder has had a captivating love life. She first dated a guy named Ian Connor from 2014 to 2015.  The model thereafter dated actor, rapper, and Will Smith’s Son, Jaden Smith. She and Smith commenced their romance in early 2015 and did not shy away from packing on the PDA. They were photographed graphically smooching each other at New York Fashion Week 2015. The couple was also spotted all over each other during the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2 in May 2015. All in all, Snyder and Smith enjoyed a sizzling relationship until they broke things off in 2017. Some sources stated that the split was due to the couple growing apart. Others attributed it to Snyder allegedly cheating on Smith with a photographer named Gunner Stahl. Following the split, the couple moved on with their respective lives. Snyder, however, got into a subtle beef with reality TV star, and Jaden Smith’s Ex, Kylie Jenner. Jenner first set the ball rolling when she posted a selfie captioned kyliefuckingjenner, an obvious reference to Snyder’s Instagram handle. Snyder herself replied with a selfie captioned ‘one n only’. Thankfully, the beef did not last long as the ladies backed off from each other.

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Other Facts about Sarah Snyder

1. She is quite petite and is just 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65m).

2. She is a pro in athleisure and often posts pictures of herself in fashionable jogger pants, loose sweatshirts, etc.

3. Snyder has appeared in several magazines including the Japanese issue of Vogue and the Korean issue of W.

4. The Instagram model has been photographed with celebrities such as Sofia Richie and Leonardo DiCaprio.

5. She owns several luxurious items including an Icebox diamond watch.

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