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Leadership has been one of the defining attributes of the intelligent politician, Senator Ben Sasse. He served as the 15th president of the Midland University and has also served in different capacities like in the position of an adviser, counselor, and an executive director. He recently became a topic in politics as he has never had never passed up an opportunity to criticize the policies of U.S president, Donald Trump, both on social media and on news platforms. This has thrust him in the limelight and a lot a people have begun to question who the Republican senator is?

Who is Senator Ben Sasse?

Senator Ben Sasse is popularly known as a professor, politician, and author. He has become famous for being a huge critic of Donald Trump and his policies. He was born in Plainview, Nebraska as Benjamin Eric Sasse to the family of Gary Lynn Sasse and Linda Sasse who are his parents on the 22nd of February 1972.

His father, Gary gave his family a perfect life as he combined two jobs; a high school teaching job and another as a football coach to fend for his family while his wife, Linda supported her family in the little way she could.

Ben’s interest in politics became started as a young man as he acquired a bachelor’s degree in government from the Havard University in 1994. In a quest to gain more knowledge, he pursued a course in liberal studies from the Graduate Institute at St John’s College where he graduated with a masters degree.

As intelligent as Ben Sasse is, he went as far as possible in order to attain a significant educational foundation. He didn’t stop at a masters degree in liberal studies but he also attended Yale University where he obtained Masters in Arts, Masters in Philosophy and a doctorate degree in history.

His Involvement in Politics

After graduating from Harvard University in 1994, he worked as an associate consultant for Boston Consulting Group but resigned in 1995. By 1996, he was committed to the Christians United for Reformation (CURE) as their consultant director. CURE took a major transformation that year as they merged with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE) in which Ben served as executive director.

Ben Sasse’s career took a leap when he became the chief of staff for the U.S Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy from 2004 to 2005. Then, teaching offers came knocking at his door, he became a part-time professor at the University of Texas and in a few years, he decided to take up professorship as a full-time occupation.

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Prior to that period, he worked as an advisor to the United States Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC on National Security issues. Ben is naturally gifted when it comes to counseling, and he was counselor and advisor to the United States Department of Health and Human Services where he became the go-to person on issues pertaining health policy ranging from healthcare access to food, safety, and security.

President George Bush noticed his diligence and nominated him as an assistant secretary for planning and evaluation in the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Ben was favored by the Senate and later got an approval for the position. He served in that stead until 2009 when George Bush’s tenure elapsed.

Having gained balance in the political system, Ben Sasse decided to run for the position of the Senate seat formerly occupied by Mike Johanns as a Republican. He later won the position defeating his Democratic opponent David Domina with  64.4% of the vote to Domina’s 31.5% in the year 2014

As election campaigns ramped up in 2015, Ben Sasse was amongst the numerous people who were anti-Trump. Until date, he has criticized most of his actions including his dismissal of the former FBI director; James Comey. Recently, Ben Sasse in a tweet publicly announced that he may leave the Republican party because of Donald Trump.

Apart from being involved in politics, Senator Ben Sasse has written and published two books; The Vanishing American Adult (2017) and Them: Why We Hate Each Other – and How to Heal (2018). He later worked alongside James Montgomery Boice as an editor for the book – Here We Stand!: A Call from Confessing Evangelicals for a Modern Reformation.

Details of His Net Worth

Efforts to find out the Senator’s current net worth has proven abortive as he has hidden his figures and taken it off the records. However, as of 2015, Ben Sasse was estimated to be worth $1,490,523.

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Wife and Family Life

Ben Sasse
Ben Sasse’s Family

Well, Ben Sasse’s personal life has not made headlines like his political life. He has managed to keep the affairs of his wife and family secret. No one knows how long he has been married but we know he is married to Mellisa Mcleod and their union birthed three children; Alexandra, Breck, and Elizabeth. In a bid to manage his family’s privacy, his kids are currently homeschooled.

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