Tracing Shauna Lake’s Long Career, The Events That Ended Her Work at KUTV and Her Divorce

Shauna Lake is an American journalist known for her work with the KUTV network. Lake is no newbie when it comes to broadcasting and has exhibited top-notch skills, working as the anchor of KUTV show, Fabulous and Person 2 Person. Currently divorced from her husband of many years, Shauna Lake is also the mother to two adorable kids. She may not be the most popular of TV women, but Lake’s life and career have made her one of the most interesting. From her career beginnings to the unceremonious end of her marriage, here is the life of KUTV’s former anchor.

Shauna Lake’s Journalism Career Began at a Local Radio Station

The stunning reporter was born on August 10, 1970, in Sacramento, California, the United States. She experienced a perfect childhood and grew up alongside her two brothers, Kevin Lake and Jared Lake, at her place of birth. Shauna Lake has often publicly acknowledged her mom as her role model. In her words, she described her as the perfect teacher who taught her the way of life.

As for details about her dad, Lake is yet to disclose any piece of information about him. Shauna developed an interest in becoming a journalist when she was young, and today, she has followed her passion, achieving significant success. She bagged a broadcasting degree from Brigham Young University in Provo.

After her graduation, she quickly started her professional career. She was hired as a reporter by a local radio station and an ABC affiliate in Bangor, Maine. She excelled in the job, and subsequently, she joined KUTV, where she would end up spending years as an anchor.

Shauna Lake
Shauna attending a game involving her alma mater with friends: image source

Shauna Spent More Than Two Decades At KUTV

At KUTV, which she joined in 1994, she kicked off her career as an anchor for their morning and noon shows. Shauna Lake, also, for some time, did weekend show with Brian Mullahy, a man she considers a mentor. But as her expertise grew, and viewers desired more of her, her responsibilities expanded. Not long after joining KUTV, she began presenting the station’s news show, 2News. She presented the news at the 5, 6, and 10 pm time slots alongside Mark Koebel.

Success means more work, and Shauna Lake got more of it shortly after she began presenting the news. She started hosting a weekly segment, Person to Person, where she would interview and have conversations with a local celebrity or an important personality in Utah. Lake also began hosting an anchoring another show, Fabulous. During her time hosting the show, it was one of KUTV’s most rated shows, and it made her local celebrity.

She received a couple of awards, two honors from the Utah Broadcasters Association for her work at KUTV. Sadly, not everything lasts, and after more than 25 years at the station, Shauna Lake’s time at the Utah station became to an end.

She Left KUTV Over Two DUI Incidents

Once is a mistake, twice is a problem. That is the conclusion the human resources department of KUTV came to in March 2020 when they let Shauna go. She had committed a crime for the second time, with the first happening back in March 2017. At the time, the anchor/presenter hit the limelight after she got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Following her arrest, which revealed she was over the legal limit by .02%, she pleaded guilty to impaired driving. The police also arrested her for other offenses like having an open container of alcohol on the highway. The crime, alongside other charges, were, however, summarily dismissed after she pled guilty.

Shauna Lake received 12 months of probation for the crime and received a fine of $1,460 and eight hours of community service. The judge also ordered her to attend a seminar from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and make a full and tearful apology on air. For about three years, it seemed like the mild punishment had the intended effect, until March 14.

Shauna Lake
Shauna’s long-running partnership with Mark Koebel has come to an end: image source

She got arrested on March 14, 2020, after an employee noticed she might be intoxicated. A call to a police officer who conducted further tests and investigation later revealed the reporter, had in truth, driven to the airport under the influence of alcohol. In turn, in May 2020, Lake was fired by KUTV for her conduct, and she pleaded guilty to the DUI charge. At the court, the judge sentenced her to five days in jail, fined her $1,610, and one year of probation. In addition to the jail time, she also received five days of home confinement.

She Made a Substantial Amount of Money from KUTV

Her time at KUTV may not have ended under the best circumstances. Still, Shauna can look back at her time at the station and see that it was financially rewarding. During her time at the CBS affiliate, she was one of its highest earners. Her salary with KUTV was estimated at $59,000 per annum. The station had, in every way, acknowledged her diligence. Over the years, that diligence and salary, combined with third-party roles, helped Shauna Lake to a substantial and noteworthy net worth of $1 million.

Shauna Lake and Nathaniel Marshall Were a Couple for Over a Decade

Love, they say, is a kind of beautiful fear. Shauna once experienced a marital union with a man named Todd Nathaniel Marshall. The two are yet to reveal the details of how they met and their union. However, their divorce news flooded news headlines.

While what they shared lasted, they had two children, namely Cole Lake Marshall and Luke Lake Marshall. They loved themselves dearly until 2016 when their union became unredeemable. To date, the reasons behind their separation remain unknown.

Shauna Lake
Shauna with her ex-husband and their children: image source

Since the couple went their respective ways, Shauna is yet to return into a serious public relationship. Even though she was linked with her co-presenter, Mark Koelbel, it remains nothing but a rumor by excited fans. As of this writing, Shauna is presumably focused on getting her life and career back on track.

Her Husband Has Been Arrested for a Crime Too

In December 2016, shortly after the duo went their separate ways, Todd got into an argument with the lady’s colleague Mark Koelbel, who he met at his ex-wife’s house. Her ex-husband had visited her to drop a few clothes for his sons. To date, no one knows what caused the duel between Mark and Todd.

The damage was, however, recognizable. Mark suffered a torn rotator cuff and a bruised leg that landed him in the hospital. The matter was taken to court with Todd eventually receiving a 36 months’ probation sentence for assault. He was also asked to clear the medical bills incurred by Mark during his stay at the hospital.

Shauna Lake and Koelbel were critical to his lenient sentence after they told the court neither of them wanted Marshall to serve jail time. Since the saga ended, which Lake refused to address publicly, she went to her reasonably quiet life as a newswoman, until March 2020 when she faced the wrath of the law.


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