Stella Ritter (Noah Ritter) Bio – Is She Gay, Lesbian or Transgender?

Stella Ritter is a young American actress that sprouted from a generation of stars. The former child actress who was known for her pretty little face and acting talent has had her highs and lows in her short career. Moreover, she has also physically metamorphosed into an entirely different person. Though Stella’s taken a hiatus from acting since 2013, she’s been able to garner attention and lots of fans. Find out more interesting facts about the actor especially why the personality Stella is presumed to be just history and Noah now existent…

Stella Ritter (Noah Ritter) Bio

Stella Ritter is the only child born to John and Amy Ritter on the 11th of September 1998. She is a fruit who didn’t fall far from the tree as both her parents, grandparents and some other relatives are successful entertainers. Given her family background, Stella’s interest in performing arts sure did not come as a surprise. Despite her family history and being a public figure, Stella has succeeded in concealing details regarding her childhood and education. However, it is no secret that the young actress was raised in the United States and spent most of her childhood in the country.

Stella began her acting career as a child with her debut movie This is My Friend in (2007). She presumably took a break from acting for a while but resurfaced in 2012 with the movie The Namazu. More so, the following year she starred in the movie Hannah Lost Her Smile. Now an adult, the former child actress is expected to be seen playing other roles in future projects. Besides acting, Stella is also a composer.

Stella Ritter’s Family

As earlier mentioned, Stella Ritter is from a generation of famous entertainers. Her father John Ritter was an award-winning actor renowned for his role as Jack Tripper in the soap opera Three’s Company. The late comic actor’s outstanding performance in the show won him a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. A true thespian, John performed on Broadway and has more than a hundred TV and film credits. Stella Ritter suffered a major blow early in life. She lost her dad on her 5th birthday and just six days away from his own birthday. John Ritter, unfortunately, died of a heart problem at the age of 54.

Stella Noah Ritter
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On the other hand, Stella’s mother Amy Marie Yasbeck is also an actor. It was John and Amy’s common acting interest that brought them together. The couple officially tied the knot on the 18th of September 1999 in Ohio. Interestingly, they also featured together in the 1991 movie Problem Child 2. Amy is renowned for her role in the movies Pretty Woman (1990) Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) and The Mask (1994). Fans of the early 1990’s American sitcom Wings would sure remember Amy for her role as Casey Chapel Davenport. Her late husband John also made a guest appearance in an episode (Love Overboard) of the series. Amy has reportedly found love again after her husband’s demise.

Stella is Tex Ritter (a musician and actor) and actress Dorothy Ritter’s (nee Fay) grandchild and a niece to Tom Ritter.

Is She Gay, Lesbian or Transgender?

Stella Ritter shocked many when she made a life-changing decision on her 18th birthday. The former cute child actress ditched her old self and transformed into a male. The FTM transgender formerly known as Stella made away with the name and adopted the name Noah Lee which, of course, is more fitting for her new gender.

Since Noah Ritter made the decision to start living as a male, many have been curious as to the actor’s sexuality and relationship status. He has so far not been romantically linked to anyone, leaving the public with just speculations. Noah is presumed to be fully focused on his career and living his best life yet.

Other Facts You Should Know

1. Though Stella is the only child of her parents, she has half-siblings who are also doing well in the entertainment industry. She is the half-sister to Jason Ritter, Carly Ritter, and Tyler Ritter.

2. There are no official public records of Stella’s academic endeavors but like every normal child, she is believed to have gone through the traditional school system. While the actor has never disclosed the names of her high school and tertiary institution, some sources reveal that she studied economics as a major in college.

3. Before her FTM transformation, Stella was known for her light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Stella Noah Ritter
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4. Since his transition, the already private Noah Lee Ritter went ultra-private, especially on all his social media platforms. All his online accounts have been protected from public view and set in private mode. Given his new personality and the eyebrows raised, Noah’s decision may presumably have been taken in order to shield himself from unsolicited public views and online trolls.

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