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Stephon Gilmore has received acclaim in the world of sports for two things, one of which is he belongs to the group of highest earning cornerbacks in the game of American football; secondly for his devotion to the game, which is not just admirable but also enviable. The hunger with which he plays the sport is evident in the records of his gameplay and how much of his life he has dedicated to it. To learn more about this talented Cornerback (CB) keep reading.

Stephon Gilmore Biography

On the 19th of September in 1990 Stephon Stiles Gilmore was born to Linda and Steve Gilmore in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where he also spent his childhood. He was the first child of his parents who had five more kids after they had him, because of his status as the first child, the mantle of caring for his siblings was passed to him as his parents had very busy lives trying to provide for their brood of two boys and four girls.

As most of Stephon’s time was spent caring for his siblings, his desire to visit the gym frequently was thwarted, until he enrolled at South Pointe High school and channeled his hunger for physical activity into the football, basketball and track events. His career in football began in South Pointe where he played the positions of the quarterback on the offense and the defensive back.

While he was on the team in his senior year, he helped his school secure a record perfect score of 15-0. He had a record number of 23 touchdowns, rushed 1,331 yards and passed an even higher number of yards, all of this he achieved in his final year in high school.

He was given numerous awards for his prowess on the field as well as his excellent performances on the track, all of which contributed to him getting the 2nd position on the list of prospective football players who graduated from high school in South Carolina in the year 2009.

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Of the four universities who had their eyes on him, Gilmore chose to attend South Carolina University most likely to stay closer to home for as long as he possibly could. It was during the time he played college football that he was assigned the position of cornerback, which was rarely assigned to a freshman. He succeeded at playing that position with a total of 52 tackles and 9 passes in one year. This feat gave him recognition in the football community.

Career As NFL Cornerback

In 2012 Stephon Gilmore joined the NFL draft and was picked up in the first round of the draft by the Buffalo Bulls who signed him to a $12.8 million contract, he was the 10th pick of the draft that year. He played excellently for the team for five years with little to no failures in his performance. In the same year his contract ended with the Bulls, he signed another five-year contract but this time with the New England Patriots and in 2018 helped the team win the Super Bowl.


Stephon Gilmore
Stephon Gilmore and Gabrielle Glenn (image source)

Stephon Gilmore is known to have only dated one woman; Gabrielle Glenn who is now his wife and also happens to be an athlete as well. The two met while they were in college and tied the knot on the 12th of July 2014. During her time as a student in South Carolina, she was a sprinter for the university.

The couple has two children together, a son; Sebastian and a daughter; Gisele.

Salary and Net Worth

Stephon Gilmore in the history of the game is one of the highest paid football players, and this began with his time with the Buffalo Bulls where his contract was for $12.8 million with a bonus of $7.22 million. The next contract he signed was with the New England Patriots, with a contract priced at $65 million, with a bonus of $18 million and a $40 million guarantee fee.

As a result of all this money amassed because of how well he plays and how long he has been a football player, Stephon Gilmore’s net worth is estimated to be $29.3 million, which puts him on the list of the world’s highest-earning sports stars.

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