20 Most Amazing and Extraordinary Super Powers

Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling if you have some form of powers above your colleagues? Okay, maybe not, but at least above your enemies. Everyone has dreamed at some point or another of having some form of superpower or the other and being able to fly like Superman, shoot sticky threads like Spiderman or breathe underwater like Aquaman – or if not those three, maybe one or more from this list of 20 most amazing and extraordinary superpowers!

20 Most Amazing and Extraordinary Super Powers You Might Wish To Have

1.  The Power of Invisibility

This has got to be one of the most fun superpowers – go where you’re not supposed to, or listen in on a really important meeting without anyone knowing you’re there.

2. Telekinesis

Move things physically by the power of your mind, without having to be anywhere near the objects in question – you could stop lava flows, or even ‘cork’ the volcano if you wanted to!

3. The Power of Invulnerability

Win every fight simply because your opponent can’t hurt you, no matter what he does? What boy hasn’t dreamed of that! You could perform the most dangerous tasks, too, knowing you were safe from being harmed.

4. Super strength

Prevent that massive rock from falling and crushing all those people, carry a bus out of a canyon to safety, cargo of kids and all, or just beat the class bully to a pulp, giving him some of his own medicine – yep, definitely useful!

Stock Photo © Michele Piacquadio

5. Flight

“It’s a bird, it’s …” well, you know the rest – Superman to the rescue, red underpants over blue tights notwithstanding! One flight with him and the girl forgot the rest. The useful ability for beating the traffic jams on the way home from work, too.

6. Camouflage

Similar to invisibility, really, but not as comprehensive – the ability to blend in with the surroundings rather than vanish entirely. Still very useful for stealth missions and finding out who your spouse’s secret lover is.

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7. Supernatural hearing

A different way to hear that ultra-important conversation for yourself, although there’s an extraordinary number of other applications, too –
Ranging from hearing things coming to hearing the barrels move in a safe locking mechanism!

8. X-ray vision

This one is definitely a favorite of many young men, who envisage seeing far more than just the color of a young lady’s underwear with it! Controlling how far it goes might be a little more problematical, however, e.g whether just through the clothes or rather deeper to see where that bullet’s lodged in the body.

digital_eye - amazing super powers characteristics
Digital eye — Stock Photo © Sergey Nivens via Depositphotos

9. Ice

Making everything you choose suddenly become coated in ice and deep frozen – a less comprehensive power than some, perhaps, but could definitely have lots of uses, especially in combination with someone who has the next superpower.

10. Fire Power

Instantly defrost what your friend Ice has accidentally (or otherwise) frozen solid – and vice versa, of course. You’d never need to be cold unless you wanted to be!

11. Heat vision Power

A variation of fire generally, this is where beams of light shoot out from the eyes like lasers and cause instant conflagrations where they hit. Built-in weapons, even if it does mean you have to wear sunglasses when not using them, for fear of accidentally frying everyone you see!.

12. Telepathy Power

Would you like to control other people’s thoughts? Or just be able to tell what they’re thinking? Or both, of course. Never have to worry about which way a particular vote might go again – every decision will always go your way with this power!

Telepathy — Stock Photo © Andreus #27672131 via Depositphotos

13. Weather control Power

Well, who wouldn’t like to be sure it won’t rain for that important wedding, or the pea-soup fog will not ruin a lovely London evening again. One quick spell and its blue skies all the way.

14. Healing Power

Surely this one would need some medical knowledge – after all, assuming the superpower itself knows exactly what the injured person needs, from healing a diseased liver to repairing the damage done by a bullet, would seem to be a bit hopeful, to say the least.

15. Premonition Power

Depending on how far ahead, and how comprehensively, the premonitions occur, could definitely be useful. A momentary flash of some unknown person dying would be more helpful with a little more detail; especially if it then proceeds to happen right in front of you before you have a chance to do anything about it.

16. Superintelligence Power

Now, this would be a personal favorite! The ability to see immediately the point of someone’s story, perform complicated maths computations instantly in your head or work out the answer to any puzzle could take some getting used to, but the benefits would always outdo any problems.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence — Stock Photo © Andreus

17. Speed Power

Does this ability simply mean they can get from A to B almost instantly or do they have to cope with the distortions of time that scientists believe would come with such speedy movements? Definitely, something to think about.

18. Energy projection Power

Produce fireballs in your hand and throw them at your enemy, cut through any barrier with lasers, or simply baffle every electronic security barriers you have to pass through – who wouldn’t secretly enjoy the last, at least!

19. Space/time manipulation Power

Go so fast you stop or reverse time is the main thing that comes to mind with this ability, as Superman did to rescue his lady love in the Christopher Reeve movie of the same name.

20. Time Travel

With this, the more comprehensive version of the previous one, go back in time to see someone you loved again, or maybe forward in time just a little, enough to see who’s going to win next year’s super bowl or the world cup – or just which numbers win next week’s lottery!

Go on, I’m sure you can think of at least one thing you’d like to do, or one person you’d love to do something reasonably permanent on, can’t you?! I bet you can – or could when you were a kid!

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