Susie Hariet, Dan Stevens Wife – Biography, Age & Family

The name Susie Hariet may not quickly ring a bell as soon as it is mentioned and that is very understandable because the bearer is actually not one known by too many people. On the other hand, at the mention of Dan Stevens, very many faces beam with a knowing smile as he is an internationally known English actor popular for his role as Matthew Crawley in the period drama series, Downton Abbey which aired on  ITV from 2010–2012 among other works.

Although a lot of people are aware of the fact that Dan is married, they do not know that South African native, Susie Hariet, is the woman behind his successful acting career. She is a jazz vocalist, singing teacher, dancer, and an occasional actor.

Susie Hariet’s Age and Biography

It is a known fact that Susie Hariet was born and raised in South Africa but there is conflicting information regarding the actual date of her birth. She decided to build a career for herself in the creative circle having been inspired by her mother, who was an actress.

Susie Hariet moved from South Africa to England where she kicked off her career as a jazz vocalist and singer, performing in theaters before she eventually became a singing teacher. She also had a stint in Hollywood as an actress, appearing in Worth (2007), Forget Me Not (2010), and The Dark Room her past (2010).

Having had a taste of the big screen and stage performance, Susie chose to shelve acting in favor of singing in theatres. Dan Stevens had revealed that Susie is always sympathetic to his acting career and has never ceased to support him.

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Consequently, when he was cast in the role of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, it was Susie Hariet who got him prepared for the singing audition. She was acknowledged for creating her husband’s character in the comedy-drama television and web series, High Maintenance. 

Details of Her Family

Susie Hariet got married to actor Dan Stevens in 2009. Stevens was born on the 10th of October 1982 in Croydon, London, and was adopted by a couple who were both teachers. He grew up in Whales and southeast England alongside his younger brother, who was also adopted. He attended Tonbridge School, in Kent, and there, his interest in acting was kindled. He later attended Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he studied English Literature and eventually began acting professionally in 2004.

Susie Hariet
Oona Chaplin, Dan Stevens, and Susie Hariet Image Source

Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet first met in 2006 when they were both performing in different theaters in Sheffield, England. According to Stevens, who said their relationship was a case of love at first sight, he was getting his kit off every night at the Crucible doing The Romans while Susie was appearing in a musical.

Although Susie is seven years older than Stevens, their age difference was not a strong enough factor to douse what they felt for each other so they soldiered on. After dating for three years, it became obvious to the duo that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and consequently, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

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By the time they tied the knot in 2009, Susie Hariet was already six months pregnant with their first child, a daughter named Willow, who was born later that year. They welcomed their second child and first son, Aubrey, in 2012 while their third baby, another daughter named Eden, followed in 2016.

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Susie Hariet, alongside her husband and children, lived in London until 2012 when they relocated to New York, settling in Brooklyn. Speaking to the Observer, Steven described the family’s relocation as a sort of seismic shift.

Though resident in New York, the family enjoys spending time in South Africa. According to Susie’s husband who spoke in 2012, to Channel 24 in South Africa, his wife’s native land is their second home and they spend a lot of time in Johannesburg.

The jazz singer has contributed a great deal to the success of Stevens’ career as well as their family and for that, the actor counts himself lucky to have such an incredibly understanding and supportive wife. Had that not been the case, Stevens said while speaking with The Daily Mail, things would probably not be as easy as they are for him.

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