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CNN has always had a reputation for only hiring competent journalists and Suzanne Malveaux is one of such. This award-winning journalist has contributed so much to the field of journalism and others that she is recognized worldwide. Having a long and successful career in News and Journalism, Suzanne also uses her influence for charitable purposes. She has also played a pivotal role in making the Cable News Network a recipient of multiple Emmy Awards. There is so much to be known about the biography, family and professional career of Suzanne Malveaux.

Suzanne Malveaux’s Biography and Age

Her full name is Suzanne Maria Malveaux and she was born on the 4th of December, 1996 in Lansing, Michigan. She was born to two parents and grew up with her three siblings. Her father’s name is Floyd Joseph Malveaux and he is a renowned doctor who went on to become the Dean of the College of Medicine at the Howard University. Apart from his work as a doctor and his administrative duties, her father is also known to be a specialist in Asthma and other allergic conditions. In fact, he is currently an executive director of the Merck Childhood Asthma Network under the international pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co. Inc. He is also a founding member of the Human Genome Center of Howard University.

Suzanne’s mother is named Myrna Maria Ruiz and she is a retired school teacher. Her mother is also known to be living with a special condition called Lou Gehrig’s disease. Suzanne Malveaux holds an American Nationality although when it comes to her ethnicity, the award-winning journalist has quite diverse roots. Her family can be described as Louisiana Creoles which means that they are descendants of Spanish and French settlers.

Suzanne Malveaux has three siblings. Her first sibling interestingly is her twin sister who is named Suzette M. Malveaux and she works as a professor at the Columbus School of Law in the Catholic University of America. Her second sibling is her sister called Courtney M. Malveaux who used to be the Assistant Attorney General in Virginia but currently works as the Chairman of the Richmond Republican Committee. Finally, her last sibling is her brother named Gregory Malveaux who works in Montgomery College as a professor of English. Professionalism and success seem to run in the family and we definitely approve!

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Suzanne Malveaux
Susanne with twin sister Suzette

While Suzanne was still a child, her family relocated from New Orleans to Howard County, Maryland causing Suzanne to attend high school in Centennial High school located in Ellicott City, Maryland. After high school, she got admission to study sociology in Harvard where she graduated with an A.B. cum laude.  At the same time, Soledad O’Brien, the now CNN reporter was also studying in Harvard although Suzanne one year behind her. Taking her education one step higher, Suzanne got her Master’s degree in Broadcasting from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and this was in 1991.

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Everything to Know About the Journalist

Her Career

Suzanne Malveaux’s career started around 1992 when she landed her first television gig with New England Cable News. Here, she worked as a general assignment reporter in Boston until 1996. After this, she relocated to Washington no doubt in search of bigger opportunities. In Washington, she worked as a reporter for WRC-TV which is an affiliate for NBC. She later described herself as a rock and roll reporter and she worked at this place for about 3 years (1996-1999). NBC, noticing her talent and work ethics, recruited her to be an official part of NBC News, and she worked as a reporter for three years in Washington. She also worked as a correspondent in the headquarters of the US Department of Defense popularly called the Pentagon. Some of the important stories she covered while at NBC include the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the popular 9/11 attack and the Kosovo War.

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In 2002, Suzanne Malveaux became a part of the Cable News Network popularly called CNN and began working from Washington. She was an active part of the network’s coverage of the 2004 election and the 2006 election coverage which eventually won the network an Emmy award. She has also covered numerous presidential interviews and some of them include Bill Clinton and George Bush. Her impeccable journalism skill has led her to many parts of the globe including Africa and the Middle East.

Suzanne Malveaux’s Net Worth

This successful journalist has a net worth that is estimated to be between 3-5 million dollars. The exact figure is not known, however, as she hasn’t made that public yet. But rest assured that she is quite comfortable thanks to her career.

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