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Tara Palmeri is a Polish American born Stunning newscaster and Journalist whose career started in 2009 as a CNN News Assistant. Over the years, she has worked her way through various media outfits such as The New York Post, CNBC, Politico among others whetting her skills in different journalistic capacities till she landed her current job as a White House Correspondent for the ABC News Channel in 2017. Ever since, she has excellently delivered several powerful coverages, breaking, trending and first news on the platform as well as interviewing important government officials. Read on to learn more about her personal life and who the lucky man in her life?

Quick Bio

Tara Palmeri is a Polish Journalist and ABC news correspondent born in New York on the 1st day of September 1987. She is the daughter of Yolanda and Peter Palmeri and she has a brother named Peter Paul Mary born on November 4, 1996, whom the family fondly calls PJ.

Although not much is known about her early years and educational pursuits, we know that she schooled at the DePaul Catholic High School. Before she became an alumni of the American University, Washington D.C where she bagged her first degree in Public Communication with honors.

She interned briefly at The Voice of America before she graduated from the Varsity. On graduation, she got her first job as a News Assistant at the CNN news channel in 2009. After spending almost ten months there she moved to the Washington Examiner serving as a columnist for the news magazine and website. She got yet another offer to work as a gossip columnist for the New York Post in 2010.

Some of her outstanding works and reporting include coverage of the trial of John Edwards, Massacre of Newtown Connecticut, the Democratic and its rivalry Republican political parties’ National Conventions, the Jovan Murder, the surgery and weight loss of Chris Christie, the then-New Jersey Governor. In a quest for excellence, she took up an appointment as the news correspondent for the American Journalism Company Politico in 2015 covering trending and breaking stories within the white house. This new position afforded her the opportunity to interview prominent political figures in the white house such as Mike Pence, Donald J Trump Junior among others.

Her outstanding reporting and work landed her a second job offer with CNN as a Political analyst on a part-time basis whilst still working for Politico. The ABC News Channel haven followed her excellent career for a while, made Tara Palmeri a mouth-watering offer which saw her join the outfit in October 2017. This is where she currently works in the same capacity as a White House Correspondent. She has been having a swell time in her job and has over time won loud applauds in the industry.

It may not seem like it, but Tara Palmeri has also had her low moments on the job just like her peers in the field. She was once called an Idiot who had no real sources by Sean Spicer the White House Secretary, for her exclusive story on the White Staffers who failed FBI background checks. She claimed in a tweet in 2013 that Alec Baldwin once said he wished she choked to death after she interviewed him about a lawsuit he filed against his wife.

Is Tara Palmeri  Married? Who is Her Husband or Boyfriend?

The beautiful broadcaster and reporter is one of the celebrities who have jealously guarded details about their love lives thus placing their personal affairs in a cloak of mystery. The 5 ft 8 inches (1.72 m) tall journalist for the first time in April 2009 made a twitter post saying that her boyfriend thought she was Twitterific. Nine years later in September 2018, she posted a picture on Instagram after she caught a wedding bouquet at a wedding ceremony which held at the Four Seasons Hydra in Greece. She tagged a male friend of hers in the picture and it was none other than professional photographer Gabe Brotman.

The Instagram picture was captioned a Strong Catch and from all indication and exchange between these two, love may just be brewing somewhere and we hope to hear a wedding bells in no distance time as we suspect they may just be a couple.

Tara Palmeri
Tara Palmeri and her boyfriend Gabe Brotman – Instagram

Gabe Brotman himself has referred to the media sensational reporter as Bae in his own post on September 2018 captioned Bae caught the Bouquet. Although Tara is yet to release an official statement on who she may be dating currently or who her boyfriend is, our eyes are these two as exchanges on social media may just be the hint we have been waiting for.

Tara sure knows how to enjoy her life to the fullest as her Instagram posts seem to indicate. She has traveled to several nice destinations such as India, Greece among other notable places. She is quite sociable as her social media posts tell the different stories of her news coverage to her holidaying to yogi exercises as well as sights and sounds of interesting places. She has gradually racked a sizable number of followings on her social media handles, her Instagram boasts of about 10.7k, Twitter has over 72.6k followings while Facebook has a lower number of more than 3,753.


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