Dissecting Tracy Morgan’s Earning Power, 2014 Auto Crash and All The Women He has Dated

Tracy Morgan is no stranger to all comedy lovers because he is one of America’s best in the business. His entry into the comedy industry was a result of the encouragement he received from his friend who urged him to take a shot at comedy and he owes his popularity to his participation in Saturday Night Live.

Now a well-known comedian and actor, Tracy had a very unpleasant upbringing. Everything seemed to be falling apart for him until he tried comedy and it became his saving grace from poverty and the selling of crack cocaine.

Examining The Various Sources of Tracy Morgan’s $50 Million Net Worth

Morgan has branched out to other facets of the entertainment business but it was with stand-up comedy that his career took off. Drawing from great comics like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Carol Burnett, Martain Lawrence, and Jackie Gleason, Tracy was able to penetrate the industry and it was from stand-up comedy that he made his first few millions.

He had a very humble beginning as it was on the streets that he began performing comedy; what he earned from doing this, and the advice of a late friend, eventually encouraged him to start taking building a career in the path seriously.

Acting Has Remained a Major Source of His Income

Morgan hasn’t abandoned his first love, but acting has been earning him more money of late. It was in 1994 that he made his acting debut, playing Hustle Man in seven episodes of Martin. His breakthrough came in 1996 when he became a part of Saturday Night Live, he would go on to play various roles in 137 episodes of the TV show.

Since then, Tracy Morgan has featured in various TV shows and movies, and what he earned from them went a long way in making him a multi-millionaire. Some of his popular television projects include Crank Yankers, The Tracy Morgan Show, 30 Rock, Scare Tactics, and The Last O.G. He has also had a good time with projects made for the big screen. You will find him in G-Force, Fist Fight, What Men Want, The Boxtrolls, and much more.

Morgan Also Earns from Stand-Up Specials and Hosting Gigs

Being a comedian, it is natural that Tracy Morgan gets offers to host events now and then. Most recently (in July 2019), he hosted the ESPYs in Los Angeles. In 2003, he hosted the Billboard Music Awards. The comedian was the host of the first Spike Guys’ Choice Awards and he hosted the VH1 Hip Hop Honors for two consecutive years. That’s not all, many years after he left Saturday Night Live, he returned to host the show in 2009.

What he earned from all those hosting gigs are best known to him but there is no doubt that substantial amounts were involved, just as he has pocketed large sums from stand-up specials. Any comedian without specials wouldn’t be taking seriously, so it is only normal that Tracy Morgan has pulled off a few. His most recent was 2017’s Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive. There are also 2014’s Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide and 2011’s Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue.

Projects That Offer Insight Into His Earning Power

Morgan left Saturday Night Live in 2003 and started his show, The Tracy Morgan Show, the same year. Unfortunately, the show aired only for one season on NBC and was canceled due to low ratings. In 2016, his fellow former SNL star, Tina Fey, personally chose him to play the role of Tracy Jordan, a parody of himself, in her TV series, 30 Rock.

In the first season, Tracy Morgan was paid $75,000 for each episode, totaling $1.5 million and by the time the show got to its sixth season in 2012, the comedian’s paycheck rose to $2.2 million for each episode. That same year, he reprised his voice role of Luiz in Rio 2, receiving $5 million for the job.

In 2010, he appeared in Cop Out and Death At a Funeral, both of which grossed a total of $104.7 million. Tracy has also made some good money from tours which are said to amount to an average of $41,000 each stop. On October 20, 2009, the funny man released his autobiography titled I Am the New Black. Thanks to his endeavors, Tracy Morgan is said to have an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Facts Surrounding The Auto Crash That Almost Claimed His Life

It was not out of place for people to want to know whether Tracy is still alive after he was involved in a very terrible car crash on June 7th, 2014, which put him in a coma and claimed the life of a fellow comedian, James McNair.

On the said date, Morgan was on his way back from a comedy tour in a Mercedes Sprinter minibus alongside two other comedians, Harris Stanton and James McNair, in addition to other people, when a Wal-Mart truck driven by Kevin Roper hit the comedian’s vehicle at the rear in New Jersey.

The impact of the accident was so serious that James McNair died on the spot while Morgan, who was transported to a close-by hospital in a chopper, broke his leg, ribs, and nose and was unconscious for 8 days. He also suffered partial memory loss after he regained consciousness and was unable to even remember what had happened. He eventually spent more than one month rehabilitating.

The Outcome of His Suit Against Walmart

In July 2014, Tracy Morgan filed a lawsuit against Walmart and was settled by the company the following year. Although his settlement fee remains a secret, it is known that the two children of the deceased comedian McNair were paid $10 million.

Due to the seriousness of his injury, there were reports that his performing days may be over but that turned out to be false. Morgan made it back to the entertainment business after his full recovery, launching his return with a comedy tour titled Tracy Morgan: Picking Up the Pieces in February 2016.

The Comedian Got Married for The First Time While In High School

The actor cum comedian is currently married to American model Megan Wollover. He first got married in 1987 while in high school to his then-girlfriend simply identified as Sabina. They dated for a while and eventually took the forever vows. Their marriage produced three sons named Tracy Morgan Jr, Gitrid, and Malcolm Morgan.

However, things went sour between the couple so they got separated. After almost eight years of being apart without any hope of rebuilding the broken walls, Tracy Morgan filed for divorce in August 2009 and in the same year, their marriage was officially dissolved.

Some reports had it that part of the reason for the failed marriage was Tracy’s drinking habit.

Romance With Tanisha Hall and His Second Marriage

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan and wife Megan Wollover: Image Source

Sequel to the divorce, he dated a lady known as Tanisha Hall who saved his life in 2010 by donating one of her kidneys to him after he became sick due to complications from diabetes.

Considering such a huge sacrifice, many thought Morgan would eventually get married to Tanisha but he didn’t.

In 2011, he met model Megan Wollover through a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. According to Megan, they spent two or three hours together but his confidence and charm caught her interest enough to make her agree to a second date. From then onward, they became inseparable and some months after, while in one of Megan’s favorite cities, San Francisco, Tracy popped the question and Megan said yes.

On July 2, 2013, the duo welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Maven Sonae Morgan and on August 23, 2015, they got married at the Ashford Estate in Allentown, New Jersey.

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