Trey Parker Has Had 2 Wives Since Co-creating South Park With Matt Stone – Inside His Personal Life

Not everyone finds that one relationship that changes the trajectory of their life but Trey Parker has not only achieved that feat but also sustained it. Since meeting Matt Stone in a film class in college, the duo has forged a long-lasting business and creative relationship. That partnership resulted in South Park and made Trey a multi-millionaire.

But in exchange for his thriving relationship with Matt, his romantic life has encountered two major failures. In more than three decades as a creator, he has been married twice, both of which ended in a divorce. Here is how all three relationships unfolded in a thorough dissection of Trey Parker’s personal life.

Inside Trey Parker’s Marriage to Emma Sugiyama

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Before Trey Parker found his way to Emma Sugiyama, he dated a few women, including Lisa Faulkner Toddy Walters and Nichole Galicia. His first known girlfriend was Liane Adamo and they dated for four years between 1988 and 1992. They got engaged before breaking up because she had an affair with a chorister.

When he met Emma, a Japanese socialite, one might have expected knowledge of his past experiences to propel their relationship to old age. Experience, they say, is the best teacher, but while it helped Trey build a massive fortune through animated shows, it did not do much for his eventual marriage to Emma Sugiyama.

Trey and Emma got married in 2006 after getting engaged in 2005 at George Clooney’s Lake Como mansion. They held their wedding ceremony in Hawaii, at a ceremony officiated by producer Norman Lear. Two years after the wedding and 16 years after his relationship with Liane Adamo ended over infidelity, he became the villain in the story.

Trey Parker, in an ‘alleged’ mid-life crisis, cheated on Emma Sugiyama with an American stripper, Boogie Tillmon. It ended their marriage and before the end of the year, Trey was back to being single again.

Trey and Sugiyama never had any children and because of her ultra-private life, nothing has been seen or heard of Emma after the divorce. But the story was not the same for Boogie, the woman at the heart of their divorce.

Trey And Boogie Tillmon Were Married For Five Years

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Their relationship may have started in the most unideal fashion but for a brief period, it became one of the few wholesome things in the life of Trey Parker, a man renowned for making unwholesome art. They started dating following his divorce from Emma, and on April 2, 2014, they were married after dating for five years.

Before Trey and Boogie became husband and wife, they welcomed the birth of a daughter, Betty Boogie Parker. Aside from their shared daughter, Boogie had a son, Kobe, from her previous relationship. After their marriage, he became Trey’s stepson and an official part of the family.

Unfortunately, the joy of marriage did not last for them. Five years into their marriage, Trey Parker filed for divorce on March 5, 2019. The couple had stopped living together since February 28, 2019. To date, unlike his first marriage, the exact cause of the end of his second marriage remains unknown. So far, the couple is sticking with the standard line of ‘irreconcilable differences.’

It’s Not An Entirely Amicable Divorce

Neither of them is slinging mud at the other in the media but their divorce has been far from being a quiet and amicable process. For one, Trey has moved for the cancellation of any form of spousal support, in line with the terms of their prenup.

Additionally, Trey is requesting joint custody of their daughter, who, aside from being his child, is also a voice actor on South Park, playing different roles. On the other hand, despite the prenuptial agreement, Boogie Tillmon is seeking spousal support and wants joint physical and legal custody of their daughter.

If Boogie wins the divorce settlement, her spousal support could be substantial, considering her ex-husband is worth a lot. It remains to be seen where the apple will fall.

All About Trey Parker’s Money-Spinning Relationship With Matt Stone

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The entertainment guru is said to have an estimated net worth of $600 million. The bulk of this comes from the only lasting relationship in his personal life thus far, the bromance with Matt Stone. They met at the University of Colorado at Boulder, while they were taking a film class. One of their courses required students to collaborate on projects, and they have been doing so ever since.

Matt And Trey Parker Have Worked On Multiple Projects Together

Even though Matt was a math major, the two friends found an unspoken creative connection in that film class. When they met, they initially bonded over anti-authoritarian and provocative humour and Monty Python, but they now take credit for some of the biggest entertainment works in America today.

In the course of their time in school, they created several short films together, including titles like Job Application, Man on Mars, First Date, and many more. They began their official career journey in 1992, after founding the production company, Avenging Conscience.

Together, they also have created works like Alferd Packer: The Musical, Orgazmo, The Spirit of Christmas, South Park, That’s My Bush. Their relationship also birthed the money-making musical, The Book of Mormon, which has won nine Tony Awards and a Grammy Award.

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Their Bromance Has Made Them A Lot Of Money

Trey Parker’s failed marriages may have cost him money, but his partnership with Matt Stone has only made him richer. The writers have amassed a combined net worth of $1.3 billion, with Matt owning the higher portion with $700 million.

They made an estimated $1 million per episode for That’s My Bush, across eight episodes. In 2007, Trey, alongside his creative partner, Matt Stone, landed a deal with Comedy Central, which earned them the sum of $75 million.

Parker has also made money from their popular Broadway show, The Book of Mormon. According to a Forbes estimate, the show pulls them an estimated $19 million a month. Their wealth has grown so much that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were able to launch their own production company, Important Studios, in 2012.

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