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Ursula Andress is a Swiss-born actress who held sway from the 1950s to the 1990s. At the height of her career, she featured in many movies in the U.S, Europe, and Africa. Andress is most popular for being the first ever Bond girl. She achieved this iconic status by playing the role of Honey Ryder in the very first Bond movie, Dr No. she helped build the reputation of the quintessential Bond girl as someone who combines elements of beauty and danger. Find out more about this trailblazing lady here including her bio, age, net worth, where she is now etc.

Ursula Andress Bio, Age

Ursula Andress was born on the 19th of March 1936 in Ostermundigen, Bern, Switzerland. Her parents were originally from Germany. Her mother, Anna, was a landscaper while her dad, Rolf was a German diplomat. Andress is the third of six children and has four sisters and a brother. She spent her formative years in the Swiss capital of Berne, obtaining her education. Ursula speaks several languages such as French, Italian, and German.

On completing her education, she spent a year in Paris before moving on to Rome where she became a nanny. While in Rome, Andress caught the eye of a filmmaker who asked her to audition for a movie role. She gave a good account of herself in the audition and was given a minor role in an Italian movie, An American in Rome (1954). She went on to do more movies in Italy before moving to Hollywood.

In Hollywood, Andress found it difficult landing roles due to the fact that she did not speak English. Her Swiss-German accent did not also help matters. These challenges persisted until 1962 when she landed the role of Honey Ryder, Bond’s love interest/flame in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. In an iconic scene from the movie, Andress rose out of the sea spotting a white bikini with a knife strapped to her waist. This created the long-standing reputation of the Bond girl as someone beautiful and strong.

It must be pointed out that at the time Ursula Andress played the role, she still had an accent and her character was voiced by other people. The Bond girl role not only won her the 1964 Golden Globe for new star of the year but also propelled her to fame. She started getting more movie roles and would go on to feature in movies such as Fun in Acapulco (1964 which featured Elvis Presley), Nightmare in the Sun (1965), She (1965), What’s New Pussycat (1965), The 10th Victim (1965), The Blue Max (1966), The Southern Star (1969), Perfect Friday (1970).

Ursula Andress is a lady that is very comfortable in her skin. She never shied away from playing sensual and nude roles. For instance, in The Blue Max, she played the horny wife of a German general. In the Sensuous Nurse (1975), she played a hot nurse who is hired to seduce an old wealthy man to death. Andress also posed for Playboy more than once. All this helped to cement her reputation as a sex symbol of her time.

Net Worth

The former Bond girl has a net worth of $25 million. She made her fortune from her modeling gigs and many acting roles that spanned over half a century. There is no better description to describe what the fruits of perseverance is in the American acting industry seeing that at a time, she was not able to get film roles due to an apparent language barrier.

Who is Her Son?

Ursula Andress
Ursula with son and Harry Hamlin (image source)

Ursula Andress has been involved in several well-documented romantic relationships but she only made it to the altar once. Her first publicised relationship was with Hollywood director, John Derek. They commenced their relationship in 1955 and wed in Las Vegas in 1957. They separated in 1965 and their divorce was finalized in 1966.

After the marriage, the actress commenced a seven-year relationship with the French actor, Jean-Paul Belmondo.

In 1979, Andress commenced a relationship with American actor, Harry Hamlin. They were engaged to be married but that never materialized as they broke up in 1983. The duo, however, had one son together, Dimitri Hamlin, born on the 19th of May 1980. Dimitri is said to be a spitting image of his dad. He is very intelligent as he studied philosophy at Princeton. In addition, he has followed his parents’ footsteps into showbiz as he has appeared in a few movies, TV shows, and music videos. He has also dabbled into Deejaying and modeling. Dimitri remains close to his parents who often get together to celebrate important stuff such as birthdays.

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Where is She Now?

Ursula Andress has stepped back from the spotlight in recent years. After featuring in a slew of movies in the 90s, her appearance on screen has been rare. Her last movie appearance was in a 2005 movie titled The Bird Preachers. As a result of her disappearance from the spotlight, many have wondered if she is still alive. Well, she is very much alive. She sometimes appears at charity events and talk shows. She also occasionally grants interviews. Andress splits her time between Europe and the U.S.

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