Why Whitney Cummings Ended Her Engagement And Details About Her Net Worth Now

Whitney Cummings is an American writer, comedian, and actress. She is best known as the co-creator of the hit show, 2 Broke Girls. Cummings delivers her comedy with such bluntness that is rather ruthless for a comedian who is not afraid to talk about stuff normally considered ‘taboo.’

One of those forbidden things involves her personal life, which over the years includes a couple of broken relationships and a failed engagement. Not one to typically hog the news with her personal life, Whitney took over gossip blogs in 2020 when she announced the end of her one-year engagement to Miles Skinner.

Whitney Cummings Is A Multi-Millionaire

Whitney has definitely figured out a way to be a rich woman. Through her work as a stand-up comedian, actress, producer, writer, and director, she has amassed a total estimated net worth of $30 million.

With her hands in so many creative pies, it is difficult to identify the most significant contributors to Whitney’s wealth. But based on publicly available information about her career and some of her earnings, we explore the biggest sources of her income.

Writing and Producing Masterpieces

Television companies are always looking for the next big comedy or drama, and in 2011, she created one of the most popular in recent years. She created the live-audience sitcom, 2 Broke Girls in 2011, along with Michael Patrick King.

The show ran for six years, with 138 episodes, and Whitney Cummings was a credited writer and producer throughout the show’s run. We don’t know her exact earnings for her work on the show based on episodes, but it reportedly earned her a combined sum of $45 million.

2 Broke Girls has also been syndicated by TBS, who paid $235.6 million to air the show on its outlets. Whitney, as creator and writer, is expected to earn equity points for the deal. No one knows for sure how much it will come to. But since Whitney has a similar deal as the show’s leads, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, who are reportedly making an extra $50 million in royalties, the comedian is expecting a huge payday.

While 2 Broke Girls remains her most successful work, it is not the only one. She has more than 15 writing credits, which include A Lot, Good People, The Female Brain, and multiple specials. As a producer, she has made money creating other works like Roseanne.

Acting Exploits

Whitney Cummings may not be winning any awards for acting, but she has done plenty of it, and in turn, made a lot of money. She has more than 38 credits to her name, with roles in Crashing, Unforgettable, Maron, Good People, The Ridiculous 6, and The Wedding Ringer.

Her most notable acting work, however, is Whitney, a sitcom where she played a semi-fictionalized version of herself. The show did not last on television, running two seasons before it got cancelled in 2013. As the lead actress, she appeared in all 38 episodes, as well as write and produce all of them.

Whitney Cummings
Whitney with Chris D’elia on Whitney: image source

The income for Whitney Cummings’ off-screen work on the show is unknown, but she did earn $60,000 per episode as an actress on the series. Multiplied by 38, Whitney made $2.28 million from the show.

Stand-up Comedy

Outside of her acting and behind the scenes earnings, stand-up comedy is another major contributor to Whitney’s $30 million net worth. She has been on several national tours, including the Rescue Me Comedy Tour.

Her stand-up comedy has been taped a couple of times and sold to media outlets as specials. So far, she has four specials to her name, bought and televised by Netflix, HBO, and Comedy Central.

Other income sources include her book, I’m Fine…And Other Lies. She published the book in 2017 via Penguin Books. She also has a podcast, Good for You, launched in November 2019. Whitney has endorsement deals with a couple of brands, like Tinder, whom she partnered with to launch its Reactions feature.

This Is How Whitney Cummings Spends Her Money

Whitney Cummings is a rich single woman, and she lives proudly like it. She bought a $4.3 million house in Woodlands Hills, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, in May 2019. The $4.3 million house spreads across 6,800 square feet, with seven bathrooms and five bedrooms. Eight years before then, she bought a home in Studio City, California, for $1.49 million.

Outside of luxuries, which also include fancy handbags, dresses, and shoes, Whitney is a prolific investor in her pension fund 401(k).

Whitney Cummings And Her Former Fiancé Met Via A Dating App

Whitney Cummings
image source

This beautiful and hilarious comic star tries to keep this aspect of her life private but her relationship with Miles Skinner has come under a lot more media attention than others. Skinner works in advertising and is a creative director at VICE Media, a leading youth-focused digital media company.

Cummings and Skinner met online via a dating app and started seeing each other in February 2017. They got engaged after a year when Skinner popped the big question on September 4, 2018, which happened to be Cummings 36th birthday.

The comedian said yes, posting a hilarious Instagram photo about her composure during the moment and how excited she was about the development. Unfortunately, the excitement did not last more than a year.

She Broke Off The Engagement Because She Was Overwhelmed

Anyone familiar with Whitney Cummings knows she is a busy woman. She is a producer, an actress, writer, director, stand-up comedian, and podcaster. But while she maintained a relationship through all of it, things escalated when her mother suffered a stroke.

With her mother’s condition, Whitney found the idea of planning a wedding overwhelming and sad. With Whitney in a bad state of mind to continue with the wedding plans, the engagement came to a quiet end. She announced the break up in February 2020, about two years after they began their relationship in 2017.

The engagement with Miles Skinner is not the first significant relationship of the comedian to come to a disappointing end. She was once in a year-long relationship with the director, Peter Berg, and a rumoured one-year relationship with Kerry Rhodes in 2014.

Whitney Cummings
Whitney and Peter Berg: image source

Since Whitney Cummings announced the end of the engagement on her Good for You podcast on February 5, there hasn’t been anyone linked to the comedian/actress. Thus, at the moment, she is presumed to be single.

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