Whitney Scott Mathers Family – Meet Her Father, Grandparents & Siblings

The story of Whitney Scott Mathers is really an interesting one, and that’s exactly why it is worth all the talks. Known for being the daughter of famous American rapper, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem, Whitney has got so many twists and question marks to her name. From who her biological father is, to her complicated sibling relationships, you only need to read on to have all the puzzles solved.

Who Is Whitney Scott Mathers?

Whitney Scott Mathers is Eminem’s adopted daughter from his estranged wife, Kimberly and another man.

You might now be wondering why Eminem should adopt Whitney. Well, Kimberly has been a drug-troubled woman. As at the time she gave birth to Whitney, her drug addiction entangled her in many legal issues. She was therefore in no position to give baby Whitney the care she needed.

Having had his own father abandon him as a kid, Eminem has a soft spot for abandoned kids. So he intervened and adopted Whitney, taking the little girl as his very own and catering for her as his own blood. According to the rap god, he fell in love with Whitney because “she’s so sweet and funny”. Just like his other daughters, he dots over her and mentions her in his music.

Whitney Scott was born on 16th April 2002 at St. Joseph, Missouri, United States. As of early 2019, she was in high school.

Who Is Whitney’s Biological Father?

This was how it all started. Eminem was in a long-term relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott, a children’s book writer, and freelance illustrator. In fact, their friendship started way back in 1987 when Eminem was just 15 and Kimberly, 13. Their relationship later produced a child in 1995, and they subsequently got married in 1999.

It, however, appeared the young couple couldn’t manage the responsibilities that come along with being husband and wife, and so they divorced in 2001. Meanwhile, their relationship both before and after the marriage had been a volatile and turbulent one, fraught with drug abuse, infidelity, physical violence, and frequent breakups.

Even before the split came through, Kimberly was already in an affair with Eric Hartter, a tattoo artist and drug trafficker. The fleeting relationship produced a daughter, Whitney.

Whitney’s biological father Eric has been at large for many years now for being wanted by the law over drug dealing. His daughter has not even met him; not for the first time. Whatever the case, Whitney has nothing to worry about since she gets all the fatherly love and care she needs from Eminem. She said she enjoyed growing up with him as her father.

Meanwhile, it’s always very difficult to do away with a childhood friend, not to talk about one’s first love. That’s exactly the case with Kim and Emi. They started off life together way too young and so could not easily get over each other despite being officially separated. Soon after birthing Whitney, after her partner’s disappearance, Kimberly came calling back into Eminem’s life, and they remarried in 2006. The second marriage, however, lasted only a few months, ending in a more grievous divorce. Despite all odds, Eminem and Kimberly presently maintain a normal relationship and are co-custodians of their three daughters.

Whitney Scott Mather’s Siblings

Whitney has two sisters – Alaina Marie and Hailie Jade Mathers, and a brother – Parker Scott. Now, the question is – how are Whitney and her siblings related? Never worry, we’ll also get that unknotted.

whitney scott mathers
Whitney Scott Mathers with sister Alaina Marie Mathers image source

Alaina Marie Mathers is the biological daughter of Dawn Scott, Kimberly Scott’s twin sister. Dawn gave birth to Alaina on May 3, 1993. She was named Amanda Marie Scott at birth. Eminem and Kimberly however, adopted Alaina because Dawn was unable to identify her biological father nor take care of her due to drug addiction. So, Alaina is Whitney’s sister by adoption. Unfortunately, Dawn died in 2016 from a heroin overdose. Alaina has two other siblings – Patrick and Adam Scott.

Hailie Jade Mathers is the only biological daughter of Eminem with Kimberly. She was born on December 25, 1995. Hailie is Whitney’s half-sister since they are of the same mother but different fathers. She studied Psychology at Michigan State University. Hailie reportedly lives in her own four-bedroom house in Detroit, Michigan, few minutes drive from her family home.

As for Parker Scott, he should be Whitney’s half brother too, being Kimberly’s biological son. Kimberly reportedly gave birth to Parker in 2005. Nothing is known about his father.

Her Grandparents

As a result of having two fathers – foster and biological, Whitney Scott Mathers has more grandparents. From her foster father’s side, her grandparents are Deborah R. Nelson- Mathers and Marshall Bruce Mathers Jnr, Eminem’s parents.

From her mother’s side, her grandparents are Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck, Kimberly’s parents.

Then from her biological father’s side is her grandmother, Marie Hartter. Marie Hartter, Eric Hartter’s mother had once sought for legal rights to allow her son visit Whitney, but nothing tangible came off the suit. Especially while considering the difficulties posed by Eric’s hide-out status.


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