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African Slangs

20 Most Common African Slangs You Must Know

You wanna learn some slang? And by that I mean some African Slangs: nothing vulgar, no cursing words, also. All you have to do is to get some baggy jeans, stunners and then groove on. With these slang words, you’ll definitely be at the top of your ...

Ocean Beach Resort and spa--Kenya

Top 10 African Resort Spas

Africa has always been a great destination for tourists. In fact, tourists who visit this continent are usually spoilt for choice. Or how can you describe a situation whereby you’re expected to select only one destination with over 40 options ...


How to Make Money in Africa

The biggest problem facing the African society is poverty, which leads to a host of many other problems including hunger, conflicts, wars, diseases and unemployment among several others. Africa is that part of the world where you can achieve full ...

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